I want an online Calendar.
Currently I use a paper calendar and the calendar in Outlook. I don’t print my outlook calendar. I just use it for the reminders and for inviting people to my meetings. It’s a work thing. Work standardized on Outlook so who am I to argue?
The paper calendar is convenient because I can take it into all of my meetings.. When someone says something is “launching on May 7″ I can flip through the calendar and remind them that May 7 is a Sunday. I can add notes about what happened that day “new section launched on {some site} at 9:30 am” so that later on when someone asks why the traffic patterns changed, I’ll have a note to trigger the memory.
I don’t see either one of these calendars going away but I have additional, personal, calendaring needs. There are tons of calendaring sites. I want to do a comparison of these to see how they fit my needs. First I have to define my perfect online calendar.

Features I want in an online calendar:
– Ability to import events (I dont’ want to maintain the event list especially if it’s already published as an iCal feed on a web site)
– Ability to decline events imported from the iCal feed. Just because the imported calendar has an event on it, doesn’t mean I’m going to that event. When I look at the calendar I want to instantly know which events I’m going to. Further when my family looks at the calendar I want them to know which events we’re going to. Ideally, refused events would be greyed out but still show on the calendar (just in case I change my mind and decide to attend).
– Ability to annotate events imported from the iCal feed. I want to be able to add my own notes. This will probably be reminders to myself about that event.
– If an event has a duration over several days and I set a reminder for the event, the reminder should only fire on the first day of the event (this bugs the shit out of me on Yahoo’s calendar).
– Ability to have reminders arrive as email or YIM.
– Ability to share calendar
– Ability to publish calendar on my blog
– Ability to add events to the calendar in an english fashion. I want to add “Meeting with Bob on 4/16/2006 @ 4:30″ not have to fidget with 100 different drop downs on some insertion dialog.
– Ability to add recurring meetings. Especially recurring every-other week (payday).
– Ability to associate picture with event (ok, so it’s a nice to have.. but I get all warm and fuzzy when I see a big pastel easter egg in the calendar for Easter)
– Ability to forward Outlook email invitations to the calendar and have them show up if I accept.
Sites to review:

  1. 30boxes : online calendar
  2. AirSet : calendars, contacts, lists, blogs, weblinks sharing
  3. CalendarHub : online calendar
  4. eventful : social calendar sharing
  5. Eventicus : social events manager; german
  6. EventSniper : online calendar
  7. evnt : social calendar sharing
  8. GlideDigital : social photo/music/video/file/etc sharing
  9. Google Calendar
  10. goowy : web-based mail, contacts, calendar, games etc
  11. HipCal : online calendar, todo list
  12. Hula : open source calendar and mail server
  13. Joyent : web-based software
  14. Kiko : online calendar
  15. Planzo : online calendar sharing
  16. Renkoo: Not yet launched.
  17. Spongecell : online calendar
  18. Tilika : online calendar
  19. Trumba : online calendar sharing
  20. Upcoming : social events calendar
  21. Zvents

More to come…


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