Ads are Evil

When I interviewed at my current job (many many years ago) one of the interviewers asked me what I thought about ads. I told her I thought ads were evil, but a necessary evil. I still stand by that statement. Though I’m trying to modify how evil I think they are.
It’s hard to work with ads everyday and still believe they’re evil. They don’t seem evil. I work hard to make them work.. therefore if they’re evil I’m an evil minion. It’s not a comfortable place to be. **

In a blog entry by Guy Kawasaki entitled “Is Advertising Dead?” he discussed a Churchill Club panel that he moderated called Next Generation Insights (video available. Worth viewing all the way through).
In particular in the blog entry Guy noted that to the panelists:
“Helio is the hot phone (though none of them had one). I had never heard of it before!”
I thought about it for a while and I think this is an example of Advertising actually working. *gasp* I know.. I know.. stick with me here.
None of them had a Helio. But it was the coolest thing -ever-.
**Many years ago I got called the “Evil Queen of Ads”. I guess the evilness is rubbing off on me.


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