Don’t mind the gap

Took a little time off. Housing market crashed, ran out of money, ran out of.. umph. But we’re doing stuff now.

Since last I wrote we installed a new kitchen light and added another electrical outlet, added a corner cabinet in the hallway, painted the dining room and put up new trim in the dining . . . → Read More: Don’t mind the gap

Washing rocks (no, that’s not a euphemism)

On Saturday I resolved to clean up the “plant bed”** at the front of the house where we removed the big ugly bushes (See entry: 12/15/2006 Clearing (yard) clutter). Here’s a cruddy before picture: Note the dappled grey/green/white “plant bed”. When I was about half way into the project Marc came into the front yard . . . → Read More: Washing rocks (no, that’s not a euphemism)

The Proposal

Not at all house related… but, Last Saturday Marc proposed to me… and I said yes.

. . . → Read More: The Proposal

Rejiggering of Bathroom Plan

Where I have a flash of insight and simplify the bathroom remodel plan. . . . → Read More: Rejiggering of Bathroom Plan

Ho Ho Ho Holidaze

Christmas came, Christmas went. It wasn’t pretty. About two weeks before Christmas I got food poisoning.. and then my body decided that all food was bad. So I spent the entire holiday sick and not eating. It’s a great way to lose weight… as long as you don’t mind the not eating.

In better news.. . . . → Read More: Ho Ho Ho Holidaze

Clearing (yard) clutter

On the last day of my vacation (ie, last Sunday) we finally cleared out the overgown, scraggly, balding bushes at the end of the walkway. I have always known that getting rid of them was the “right” thing to do… but Marc thought it was just a bunch of work for no real reason. Despite . . . → Read More: Clearing (yard) clutter

Dogs 2, Christmas Tree 0

I’ve never had dogs before. More specifically I’ve never had to live with something with the curiosity of a five year old that had no thumbs so investigated things with their teeth. The dogs knocked the tree over twice today. It’s not a good day to be a dog.

. . . → Read More: Dogs 2, Christmas Tree 0

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

For the last year I threatened to do it. I hated the three pine trees in the front of our house. All year long (in fact since we bought the place) I said that at our first chance we’d cut them down and make them into Christmas trees. Ta-da.

. . . → Read More: Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree

Starting year two – review of goals

Wow.. has it really been a year? One year ago today we closed on the house. Shortly thereafter I setup my five to seven year plan Annual things to do: – Schedule termite inspection – Replace batteries in smoke/fire alarms – Check/clean out gutters Here’s our progress so far:

. . . → Read More: Starting year two – review of goals

High on caulk fumes

In which I re-do the grout and caulk in the bathtub. . . . → Read More: High on caulk fumes