Starting year two – review of goals

Wow.. has it really been a year? One year ago today we closed on the house. Shortly thereafter I setup my five to seven year plan Annual things to do: – Schedule termite inspection – Replace batteries in smoke/fire alarms – Check/clean out gutters Here’s our progress so far:

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Goals for Vacation

I have next week off. I figure if I make plans now I have a better chance of achieving them. Things to do: – Get final paint color for diningroom – Paint Diningroom Ceiling – Paint Diningroom walls – Fix “3A – Wood rot, Front of house, rafter” from Pest Report – Fix “3F – . . . → Read More: Goals for Vacation


Our house sits on a crawlspace. One plumber commented that it’s a “nice huge crawlspace big enough that you can crawl around on hands and knees”. My expectations for a crawlspace is that it should be dry. It’s under the house, protected from rain. Water shouldn’t be going there. Reality isn’t meeting with my expectations. . . . → Read More: Crawlspace

The five to seven year plan

The goal is to sell this place for a profit in 7-10 years. It’s also my goal to gain valuable home-improvement skills that will help in future houses. The house isn’t in -bad- shape.. it does suffer from a lot of half-assedness, deferred maintenance and sheer stupidity. I want to tone down the stupidity. Besides, . . . → Read More: The five to seven year plan