Goals for Vacation

I have next week off. I figure if I make plans now I have a better chance of achieving them. Things to do: – Get final paint color for diningroom – Paint Diningroom Ceiling – Paint Diningroom walls – Fix “3A – Wood rot, Front of house, rafter” from Pest Report – Fix “3F – . . . → Read More: Goals for Vacation

Bright Green Turgid Drama

More thrashing about the paint color. . . . → Read More: Bright Green Turgid Drama

Butterscotch bad, Avacado good!

In which I show our test swatches and discuss why we’re repainting the dining room . . . → Read More: Butterscotch bad, Avacado good!

Stylish Folding chairs

Ask the Decorator posted a gathering of not-so-ugly-you-want-to-die folding chairs… And WOW! I want that!

Mission Style Wooden Folding Chair Set $149 for 2 For sale at Touch of Class

Resisting Temptation

I’m ridiculously pleased to be spending the Holidays at home this year. I don’t have a horror of a family.. and I do wish I could actually be with them. But the first year of home ownership doesn’t leave an extra $1,000 at the end of the year for buying tickets to fly to . . . → Read More: Resisting Temptation

From the heights of happiness.. to the depths of tragedy…

In which we replace the toilet paper holder and add another towel bar. . . . → Read More: From the heights of happiness.. to the depths of tragedy…

When the mood strikes.. run with it.

On Sunday for some reason Marc and I were talking about gifts.. I reminded him that I wanted a vacuum cleaner (it was on my Christmas list last year.. and on my birthday list.. and was quickly heading towards my Christmas list for this year). The house has hard floors throughout.. except for the area . . . → Read More: When the mood strikes.. run with it.

Acquiring Curb Appeal

“A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint-Exup’ery

In the beginning:This is the picture that was on the flyer for the house

Before:This is a picture of the house before this last weekend

. . . → Read More: Acquiring Curb Appeal

The house we didn’t buy

by nibuca

Back when we were looking for a house to buy we looked at this house. It was about 5 houses down the street from the house we were renting.. in a nice, clean, safe neighborhood… very convenient (both for the move and for future commuting). It turns out that the house was sinking . . . → Read More: The house we didn’t buy

“Why don’t you post more??”

1. we’re out of money. Don’t worry, we’re staying even and keeping up on our bills. But other than that, we’re out of money. 2. we haven’t done anything (see #1) 3. It’s summer.. so that SCA thing (my -real- hobby) is cycling up. Thus sucking away all of our time and any money we . . . → Read More: “Why don’t you post more??”