Addon: TBag

Yesterday reviewed the TBag, an addon to manage your inventory. Turns out it’s over-the-top cool. Check out their reveiw, they said it way more eloquently than I will.

– Auto-sort your inventory, group like-things together
– Anywhere view of your bank
– Anywhere view of your alt’s bags
– Anywhere view of your alt’s bank

Last time I downloaded it from here:

1 thought on “Addon: TBag

  1. Yah, having a billion alts, I needed to install some kind of addon that would let me know two main things:

    1) Can my alt learn this recipe I’m looking at?
    2) How many of this particular item do my other alts have?

    I found it of course, but in amongst the 25 addons I have, I couldn’t tell you which does it anymore…

    On a different addon topic, I do like “Chatmod” – it gathers class information and displays names in different colors depending on class, when that name is mentioned or that person talks. Now if only I could find the one that showed class AND LEVEL when they talked… helps a lot for folks asking for help on the guild line, to not have to go into /groster to see what level they are for their help request.

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