Impish by nature

Month: April 2007

Coming up in the world

Tatia ended the weekend at level 45. One of the trainings gave her Hammer of Wrath. OMG the immense happiness given by being able to fling a holy-glowey hammer through the air. Rawr! Tatia (Pally), Zaramina(Mage), Sibiy(Hunter) and Klee(Hunter) tackled and took down Uldaman. I […]

The obligatory UI screenshot

Here’s my UI as I’m working with it now:

The Easy Button

Last night I started a new horde-side warlock alt. I’ve heard that Warlocks are easy but that’s not why I choose that class. I wanted a self-sufficient non-pally alt who could pick flowers for my horde-side Pally main (Illyah) who is an Alchemist. With DoTs […]

Ranged Damage

OOh.. another goodie to look out for: [item]Six Demon Bag[/item] A little bit random.. but it seems to have at least a 50% chance of a ranged spell.. and you can use it at level 46. Rawr!

“You know you prot grind too much when…”

I spotted this on the World of Warcraft Paladin forum. I about laughed myself sick. WoW Forums -> You know you prot grind too much … When your shield has better DPS than your sword When you fight 4 mobs with your camera flipped to […]

Crushing Blows

Where we’re going: From the Warcraft Forums A Level 70 Paladin is tanking a Level 73 Boss. The Paladin has 490 Defence Skill. The Paladin is speced 10 points into Retribution, granting 5% Parry chance from talents. His gear provides an additional 94.5 Dodge Rating […]

Pally Solo Strategy

Last night I was killing Skullsplitter Trolls for their tusks in STV. It wasn’t terribly difficult.. I was able to take on 3-4 at a time easily. It seems like there were a lot of other players on that quest at the same time. I […]

The Curse of Stranglethorn Vale (or would that be “Cursing at…”)

I’ve read that a lot of people hate questing in Stranglethorn Vale. On PVP servers it’s an invitation to “gankage”. Since I’m not on a PVP server The only problems I see are: – It’s huge and the only flight point is down at the […]

“Remember the Sunwell”

“Ten thousand years before the orcs and humans clashed in their First War, the world of Azeroth cradled only one massive continent, surrounded by the sea. That landmass, known as Kalimdor, was home to a number of disparate races and creatures, all vying for survival […]

What a Paladin is

When I choose “paladin” I wasn’t actually thinking “hmm I’d like to be a melee healer with no ability to use ranged attacks”. I was thinking of an ideal. Ideally I believe Blizzard is tweaking/buffing/nerfing Paladins to get them to fit an ideal. My ideal: […]