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[Edited to add: an update to this has been posted here: “Button Button who’s got the Button“]

After a week of tweaking and poking I think I’ve come up with something beautiful.


Red button: [insert] (ventrilo key up)
Thumb button: [ctrl]

I’m using the “dpad” for movement. Specifically “wasd” for the four directions.
Up-right is a macro that hits both “w” and “d” quickly so i can go forward and right.
Up-left is a macro that hits both “w” and “s” quickly so I can go forward and left.
Down-right is “e” (strafe right)
Down-left is “q” (strafe left)

I’ve pretty much ignored the scroller thingy. I just keep forgetting it’s there. I’ve bound it to [space] and use it for jumping.

I’ve kept the keybindings very vanilla because I wanted it to work for all of my many alts. Generic keybindings are easier to re-map per character in the game.

This, combined with the addon Cogsbar has been a thing of beauty. I’m using Cogsbar for a visual reference to the keys and to provide the keybindings.

A lot of the reviews of the Nostromo N52 for Warcraft had just remapped “wasd” onto the keys and ignored the dpad.
This seems silly to me and wastes 4 of the operation keys (6 if you include strafes). If I was going to do that I would have just adjusted the keymappings on my keyboard and skipped the speedpad. So instead I’ve mapped movement on the dpad.

Yes, I know this makes Warcraft like playing a console video game. *Gasp* so horrible that a video game should resemble *gasp* a video game.

I ran into a tricky moment with this since by default the dpad doesn’t allow for simultaneous keypress. I want to be able to adjust my direction while running without having to stop, turn, then start running. My initial solution to this was to map the “forward” dpad direction to “auto-run”. This worked fairly well with just running.. but getting into combat was a pain. I had to remember to “turn off” auto-run as I got the the mob and then if I moved forward during combat I would just shoot right past the mob before I had time to turn auto-run off again. Very annoying. Finally I hit on the idea of mapping a macro to “forward-right”/”forward-left”. It works fairly well… if I’m actually running in circles Tatia looks retarded.. the timing on the macro makes her take little bitty half steps… but she does turn right.. and when I’m running forward I don’t notice the retarded-ness.

The only actual problem I’ve run into so far is that Cogsbar doens’t allow you to scale down the buttons. Full-sized buttons look HUGE after you get used to using .75 scale buttons in CT-BARMOD.

The screenshot includes button bars from Cogsbar (the 5×2 in the bottom left-hand corner), and CT-BARMOD (1×12 across the top and the two at the left-hand side). When I can scale the buttons in Cogsbar I’ll eliminate CT-BARMOD.

Things to note: I’ve remapped “x” from “sit” to “flip the camera and look behind me” (it’s an option under the default Warcraft keybindings. Something like “flip camera yaw”) Very cool when running away to make sure the mobs are no longer chasing you without having to stop. Also nice when tanking one Mob to drag it over and aggro another nearby mob. (I’m a PAoEladin, one mob is never enough : )

Nibuca’s Nostromo settings for Warcraft

5 thoughts on “Nostromo N52

  1. could you post up your config file. I like your macro idea for the forward and side movements, but I’m having trouble getting it to work


  2. Nice post, I’m wondering if the N52TE will help even more.

    I had the WASD on the keypad itself (as you said you did not do on purpose) and there’s a major drawback. Across mage/druid playing if you are running and want to do an instant cast (which you can do while running), the N52 interprets that as a different action and my player stops to cast it, a slight problem when running.

    I was using red+buttons for the alt bar and blue+buttons for the 1-9 bar. I think switching to what you are doing will be much better but I’ll have to learn the d-pad movement thing. Wish me luck.

  3. On my Warlock I tend to use the mouse for movement and the keypad for casting.

    Attack sequence is as follows:
    (mouse) Right click to target baddie,
    (N52) 5 to send pet to attack.
    (N52) CTRL-4 for Immolate (has a cast time)
    Pet engages mob and then immolate goes off.
    (mouse) Hold down both buttons to run away from mob to get range
    While running away:
    (N52) 4 for Corruption Instant
    (N52) 3 for Curse of Agony Instant
    (N52) 2 for Siphon Life Instant
    (N52) 1 life tap (twice) Instant
    Stop running.
    (N52) 8 for Drain Life (which spins my toon around to face the mob)
    Lather Rinse Repeat.

    In fact, since I wrote this in April I’ve updated my settings a bit.. and I rarely ever use th DPAD. It’s there.. it’s setup.. but mostly I use my mouse for movement.

    I suppose I could remap those 8 directions.. but really everything is already setup.

  4. I’ve been using the N52 since before WoW.. I’m drooling over the new N52te and hoping it resolves some macro issues.. (that and it’s glowy… oooooh).
    The way I use the N52 I don’t have the movement/casting issues you mention.

    In WoW, I’ve remapped the movement to the cursor keys. In the N52 profiler, the Dpad is mapped to the same cursor keys.. These don’t seem to interrupt other keystrokes, and other keystrokes don’t seem to interrupt the cursor keys.
    So, I can be on the run and still cast instants without being stopped.

    As to the turning.. I use the mouse for character steering.
    The Dpad controls forward, strafe left & right, and back. The Right Click on the mouse is an FPS toggle.. If you hold it down, you can steer your character. Your left thumb is your gas and gross movement, your right hand is fine steering. I find not only can I run circles around people without looking foolish.. well, I can run circles around people!

    The rest of the keys are mapped
    [Shift] [1] [2] [3] [-]
    [Ctl] [4] [5] [6] [=]
    [Alt] [7] [8] [9] [0] – Thumb button

    Similar to your setup, this allows me to customize each character by their action bars, and use them as a visual reminder of what each button maps to.

    I use Bongos2, and setup 4 action bars on screen laid out the same as the N52 – 4 columns of 3 rows. The Pinky keys allow me to reference all 4 bars.
    The unshifted bar is for basic play, and each of the other bars is mapped to a shifted mode (i.e [shift][1], [ctl][4], etc).

    The [-] and [=] keys are the same for each class.
    [-] for attack. This also servers for select target as Attack will target the nearest mob.
    [=] for Shoot (bow, gun, wand, throw)
    The Red thumb button is [Esc] so I can close bags, mail, the bank, the map, etc.
    The Scroll wheel is set to toggle modes on the N52, but since I mapped in the [shift], [ctl] and [alt] keys, I haven’t really figured out a use for the other modes.

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