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Raid on Deadmines

What to do with a guild of level 19 Horde toons? Why toddle off to Westfall and raid deadmines of course.

The night started off slowly. I logged into my account and found that someone in our Alliance guild needed help with his level 20 Paladin quest. Fiancee and I offered to help him until Bawk Bawk guild night started (we had about an hour to spare). Part of that quest involves retrieving wood from the Shredder room in Deadmines. We had just finished that and decided to just leave the mines instead of going all the way through Van Cleef when people from Bawk Bawk were starting to use the meeting stones to summon Bawk Bawk guildie’s to Deadmines.

On Ventrillo one of the Bawk Bawk guildie’s said “Hey, this alliance guy is flagged PVP and AFK.”

Fiancee perked up and said “Wow… Kill him. I’d kill him if I were there.”

All of Bawk Bawk in Westfall attacked the AFK player and killed him. This marked them all as PVP.

Fiancee and I were running out of Deadmines. Fiancee (70 Rogue) kicks on sprint and runs for the door.

I was protecting level 20 guildie (the one on his paladin quest) from all the miners so I was a little bit distracted. I say on vent “Hmmm, so you’re marked PVP in Westfall.. an Alliance zone.. That doesn’t seem like a good idea”. At the same time, through vent I hear cursing and yelling.

Fiancee, 70 Alliance Rogue, had dashed for the door of deadmines.. and slayed Bawk Bawk to a man. OMG. It was -SO- wrong! I mean he told them to do it.. and they listened to him.. and then he killed them all!

There was a lot of cursing and swearing.. to tell the truth I was laughing my ass off. I mean I was glad I hadn’t been logged in (it would be even more WRONG to be slayed by your fiancee in pvp) and I wouldn’t have killed them in pvp. But DAMN!

After everyone’s flag had cleared we made a raid and raided Deadmines. It was our first time with all of us killing together. We discussed strategies.. and the raid flagging (moon for sheep, deathhead for first target, etc). It was very enjoyable.

At the end of the night we ran off to Saldean’s farm to get chicken pets for everyone. How on Azaroth can you have a guild named “Bawk Bawk” and -not- have chicken pets.

Any player can /chicken repeatedly at a chicken and get the quest “CLUCK“. Unfortunately, Farmer Saldean will only sell his special chicken feed to Alliance.

What’s a Horde guild to do? There are actually two solutions.
1. Have an alliance toon buy the feed and put it on a Neutral AH to transfer across faction lines.
2. Have an alliance toon get the quest, /cheer at the chicken and then feed it. BUT have a horde toon pick the egg up off the ground.

We went with #2. Fiancee got back into Bawk Bawk’s good graces by squawking like a chicken repeatedly.

I’m tickled absolutely pink by the idea of a guild named Bawk Bawk running around with pet chickens. 🙂

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