Musings on a Mount

Tatia is now half a bubble away from 37. “Half a bubble? Who the hell stops at half a bubble?” you say? Well.. I say anyone who in wandering around Booty Bay falls off the pier twice because she’s falling asleep at the keyboard (it was only 11PM but I’d had a very busy weekend).

So as 40 approaches I’m looking at my options and evaluting my faction to see where I need to change. Since Tatia’s a Paladin she already gets a pretty cool horse. I’ve been told the level 40 paladin quest is of the “get me that book off the shelf” variety. Dead easy and requiring no thought or effort. That leaves me to consider the other mounts available. I mean there should be something…

Tatia’s too big for a Mechanical Chicken (Thank God) and I’m left cold by the idea of a Ram. With the Pally mount I’ll already have a horse.. so getting what (for all intents and purposes) looks like a farm horse seems silly. The idea of Tatia on an orange tiger kitty is making me somewhat happy. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like “orange” tiger mounts are available.. so I’m back to “Meh”.

So I guess it’ll be a Pally mount.. and then maybe a Talbuk at 60. That sounds somewhat interesting.

On the other hand, on Illyah and Daimoon (Blood Elf Paladin’s) I’m all ga-ga over the idea of a Skeletal horse. I’ll definately be getting UnderCity rep for them.

I wonder if an Alliance toon could kill the Skeletal Horse stable master and get a Skeletal horse. Hmmmm. For -that- I’d cheerfully flag PVP.