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Month: April 2007

Busting up the Holy Trinity (AKA: What a Paladin isn’t)

In case you’re not a Paladin (or have been living under a rock), the forums are all a-broil with foaming and gnashing over the changes currently on the PTR. Paladin changes detailed here: Paladin PTR Notes for 2.1 AFAICT, there is an agreed-upon-by-all MMORPG trinity […]

Scarlet Monestary and Shattrath City

For West Kingdom Guild night the lowbies (~35-ish) toons decided to do Scarlet Monastery. We started off by getting a couple of quests from Ironforge and then Stormwind.. then we went to Desolace, ( Tatia dinged 37 while “discovering” lands on the way to Desolace) […]


Grimr, who reads this blog but doesn’t comment on it (the lazy slacker), mentioned last night on Vent that the “orange tiger mount” was a rare drop from a level 60 instance. Dropped by High Priest Thekal in Zul’Gurub (NE Stranglethorn Vale, Eastern Kingdoms) [item]Swift […]

Pretty shiny sharp

Oooo, I want [item]Flurry Axe[/item]. Rawr!

Musings on a Mount

Tatia is now half a bubble away from 37. “Half a bubble? Who the hell stops at half a bubble?” you say? Well.. I say anyone who in wandering around Booty Bay falls off the pier twice because she’s falling asleep at the keyboard (it […]

Management Principles and World of Warcraft

I studied Management. In fact I have a degree in it (shhh, don’t tell my boss. I’m pretending to be a simple Software Engineer. If my manager finds out I have a double degree in Computer Science and Management he’ll start trying to make me […]

Useful Pally Macros (Post BC)

I didn’t write these (though in some cases I did re-write them). Stealth Detector: # showtooltip Consecration /cast [combat] Consecration; [nocombat] Consecration(Rank 1) Pally Taunt: # showtooltip Righteous Defense /cast [help] Righteous Defense ; [target=targettarget] Righteous Defense Announce Resurrection: # showtooltip Redemption /cast Redemption /stopmacro […]

Raid on Deadmines

What to do with a guild of level 19 Horde toons? Why toddle off to Westfall and raid deadmines of course. The night started off slowly. I logged into my account and found that someone in our Alliance guild needed help with his level 20 […]

Undocumented flightplans

So last night I hopped a bird from Stormwind to Southshore.. about half way there I realized that I had a quest to turn in (and another one to pickup) in Ironforge. I kicked myself since I was going to be flying right over Ironforge.. […]

Aggro Management

A while back I spotted this link on Peter’s Blog AGGRO MANAGEMENT – TEAMWORK, ASSISTS, HEALING, AND TANKING Somehow when you get into an instance everyone expect you already know this stuff. I suppose it’s because there’s a higher number of people running the instance […]