Impish by nature

Grinding Timbermaw

Guildies last night were grinding Timbermaw reputation and invited the lowbies (lvl 47) along for the ride. Meilosh in the Timbermaw cave will sell some mighty nice enchanting recipes to you when you’re friendly/honored.

Zaramina and I are a little bit low to be mucking around in the north part of this area but guildies logged on Lashala (57 priest) and Chulong (64 Rogue) and Fiancee joined us briefly with his level 70 rogue so killing was very easy. Very easy to the point of Zara and Tatia acting as loot monkeys.. just collecting stuff off of the dead bodies. Kinda boring.

Run in big circle. Kill all the furlbogs in sight. Collect feathers from them. +5 reputation/normal kill… +25 reputation for killing the chieftain. +75 reputation / 5 feathers turned in (~30% drop rate).

Tatia is currently 625 into “Unfriendly. Only 11,374 more rep to go to honored (2374 to neutral + 3000 to friendly + 6000 to honored). Ugh.. Spiff.

At the end of the night I turned in all my feathers.. and then crossed through the cave into Winterspring… another way-too-high-level-for-me zone. I’ll definitely go back there when I get a few more levels.

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