Kvetching, Tatia

Timbermaw Grind Day 3

Bored. Trapped. Forsaken. Woe is me.

Day 3: Again today I observed the Deadwoods Furbolgs wandering around. They don’t seem to eat.. or drink or make merry. I am also unable to locate their females. I’m stuck by the idea that maybe some of them -are- females but I have no way to confirm this. I kill them.. they wander around. I round them up and kill them.. they wander around. I empty out their tiny little lean-toos.. they come back.. and they wander around.

The biggest one in the southern camp fears me away. I run screaming and they chase me. I fail to see the point of why they chase me if they feared me away. Shouldn’t they be running (fear, run away) or dotting me (dot, dot, dot, fear)? Poor strategy if you ask me.

Warriors, gardeners and pathfinders.. and yet the pathfinders never seem to find a path.. or wander away.. and the gardeners don’t seem to grow anything. *sigh*

Perhaps they are a metaphore… yes.. demonstrating the struggle of good versus evil.. and showing that it’s neverending. I wonder if I am the good or the evil. And if that is the metaphor.. what is the meaning of the feather headdress? A symbol of the impermanence of material goods? A visual token of triumph? A useless bauble given value only through trading?

I’m 1/2 way to friendly. Losing my mind. Tatia (48 Pally), Zaramina (47 mage), and Skrymir(50 Warrior) are grinding Furbolgs. Grinding is faster with 3 people. Still just as boring though.

One happy spot though.. Tatia is able to pull at range once every 5 minutes. [item]Cold Basilisk Eye[/item] is finally useful.

2 thoughts on “Timbermaw Grind Day 3

  1. The Furbolgs in the Nothern section of Felwood there at the camp are nice to grind on, however they love to give you a very nasty curse that last 2 minutes. For most classes its not as much a problem i think. However for a Pally’s that likes to grind efficiently and with multiple mobs thus getting healed on melee this curse reduces all healing by 50% when they drop it on you. They can have multiple curses on you if your fighting many Furbolgs at same time which almost effectively kills your ability to regen heals due to the curse. If you have a priest friend be nice to have around to get rid of the curse the Furbolgs drop on you, i’m sure a priest wouldn’t mine your plate taking the damage and getting Xp also.

    I was there last night and at one time i had 4 curses on me at same time that last 2 minutes each (not fun), needless to say i could barely heal at all, even in bubble bandage in a multi-mob fight and i got killed. I’m also a Alchemist i could have made Purification Pots to cleanse the curse, but in my opinion the 1 time cleanse is not worth my high valued herbs. Helps to also kill the shaman’s first when you get there also, their nature spell loves to eats your life away. 1 or 2 mobs fight not as bad with curse though, more it can be a killer. I Dinged 55 there though, so was just sslower grinding.

  2. The southern Furbolgs give the curse too. When fighting solo I changed to using Seal/Judgement of Wisdom.. burning through the mobs.. then waiting for the curse to expire and using all the extra mana for heals. It has lead to a lot of eating/drinking while grinding (more than I’ve ever had to do before)

    Grinding with Zaramina (mage) was nice since she could disspell the curse but I still find that I’m running out of mana very quickly.

    Right now I think the northern Furbolgs are too high level for us. I’ll have to check. I think there were in the 51-56 range. Maybe next level.

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