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Pally Ranged Attacks

When you don’t have it, you miss it. I constantly get the feeling I’m making funny faces at the mobs to get them to aggro on me “Nyah, nyah, come and get me”. A while back I got a “Goblin Fishing Pole”. A couple of sticks of dynamite.. a bit unrefined.. but ranged non-the-less.

[item]Cold Basilisk Eye[/item] (5 min cooldown) Drops from Cold Eye Basilisks in STV at around level 35.

[item]Six Demon Bag[/item] A little bit random.. but it seems to have at least a 50% chance of a ranged spell.. and you can use it at level 46. Rawr! World drop or AH purchase.

[item]Linken’s Boomerang[/item] Quest at 54-ish.

[item]Egan’s Blaster[/item] Quest at level 55-60ish.

[item]The Decapitator[/item] Level 70 one-handed axe dropped by Prince Malchezaar of Karazahn Use: Hurls your axe in an attempt to decapitate your target causing 513 to 567 damage.

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