Rapid progression

So I know I talked about “clearing out my quest log” in Azeroth before moving on to the Outlands.. bah whatever new is good. The “clearing out” consisted of dropping any Plaguelands quests.. and just moving on.

Hellfire Peninsula is very.. well “hellish”. Tatia has already dinged 59 and is 3 bubbles from 60. Yeah me!

  • Death by Surface Burster: 1 (in like my first 5 minutes in HFP)
  • Death by Fel Reavers: 1 (“Hey, what’s that sound.. and why is the ground shaking? Oh, hey, I’m dead?” Just after a Fel Reaver kills you they walk.. for like 100 feet.. then they go back to roller skating)
  • Death by Ramparts: 4… 6.. I lost count

Last night we determined that we had a level appropriate guildie group for Ramparts. We were Tatia (59 Protection Pally), Fynriss (61-62 Hunter), Krullwyn (59 Hunter), Flashback (61 Frost Mage), Zynnia (61 Priest).

The run went “relatively” well (see previous post about aggro woes). The pulls were messy but we did manage to kill most everything and wiped very rarely. We wiped once on the group at the top of the spiral ramp (managed to kill half of them though) and we wiped twice on Omor the Unscarred. The part where he plays volley ball with the tank for a while (batted up into the air and then bounced there a couple times) was.. disconcerting. I think we killed him on the third try. Exorcism/Holy Wrath rock.

On the first try we managed to kill Vazruden and loot his damp note. Then his netherdrake burned us down. The drake killed us the next two times too. I think we got the drake down to about 87%. More levels.. and more fire protection I think are the way to go.

One of the quest turned in for a little over 10K experience. I gasped and exclaimed in surprise. Too bad everyone else on Venti was jaded by Burning Crusades and informed me that I just hadn’t done enough quests. Still.. I was kinda surprised by such a huge number.

Questing is going well. I think tonight we’re going to dip back into Azeroth and work on Blackrock Spire. A guildie has expressed a need to be attuned for Onyxia.. I’m not entirely certain it’s necessary.. but I think I’m willing to go along with it.

1 thought on “Rapid progression

  1. Yeah almost all the quests in HellFire getting thee initially will shock you for about 6-12k HP iinitially from 58-60. I noticed that when i did. I hadn’t done ramparts yet because i just been questing a bit in hellfire to lvl a bit and replace my gear mostly from Azeroth.

    Just doing the bombing missions replace half your gear, those were fun. Hellfire is real fun to me. It reaks with danger was my feeling of the place yet fun.

    I remember i did a blog on that with Fel Reavers, fortunately he only got me once. I think when i first got to Outland and moving around watching out for stuff and for Fel Reavers its no joke but i not sure why but i really was on adrenaline over drive. Every time i heard that Fel Reaver coming by shaking the ground almost seem to send me into a heart attack. Luckily it wasn’t a real one.

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