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Tradeskills Musical Chairs (again)

I know you don’t care.. but I do.. and I like to track when things happen (and write boring entries about it). So I’m writing it here. Feel free to ignore.

At the start:

Tatia 62 Paladin Skinning/Enchanting
Tikah 21 Hunter Skinning/Leatherworking
Ette 20 Warlock Skinning/Herbalism
Obliette 20 Druid Herbalism/Alchemy
Monneh 18 Priest Tailoring/Enchanting
Tikataka 26 Rogue Herbalism/Skinning

Tatia’s enchanting is great. Before I hit Outlands, enchanting was how Tatia made money. In Outlands I’m getting 40-80g/day just from questing.. so the enchanting gold generation has taken a back seat.

Tatia is also a skinner.. which is nice.. and easy.. but aside from being able to pick up “money on the ground”, it really does her no good. She doesn’t wear leather goods.. and has no use for them. So far she’s been sending them to Tikah who uses them for LW skill up.. but Tikah has been stuck at level 18-20 for a while.. so she’s hasn’t been keeping up with Tatia’s supply. Lately Tikah has been logging in and just selling stacks of leather rather than doing anything with them. It’s a good supply of gold.. but not terribly helpful for skill up nor “benefiting the whole” as it were.

What Tatia really needs is an Alchemist to supply her with health/mana potions. Guildie’s have said they’ll make her stuff.. but without an herbalist to gather plants, the mats for the potions are terribly expensive.

I’d drop skinning with Tatia and go Herbalism.. but I’m hesitant to do that since gathering mining or herbs causes questing to take longer. I also have a feeling that for Paladin tanking in the long-run Tatia will have to take a specific tradeskill (probably Jewelcrafting). I’ll re-examing Tatia’s professions after she hits 70. For now, money on the ground FTW.

Tikah is fine. She has leather, she skins, she makes stuff. No changes here. Someday I’ll come back and play her.. until then she accumulates skin and skills up occasionally.

Obliette was created specifically to be my Alchemist. Unfortunately her role has changed a little bit. My goal for Obliette is to get to 70 so she can do stealth runs with Fiancee and guild as the healer. Stealth runs are usually done for shards. Shards come from disenchanting. So Obliette is changing to be an enchanter. I know that there’s likely to be another enchanter in the group.. but I don’t want chance it. Also, if Tatia has to become a Jewelcrafter she’s also going to have to take mining.. so I want to keep an enchanter in the commune.

I dislike having an alchemist without herbalism. So Obliette dropped Alchemy to learn Enchanting.

Leaving me with no Alchemist.

Ette is my next toon (with Obliette) who I want to skill to 70. Ette was currently skinning. It was money on the ground even though she can’t do anything with the skins. So Ette dropped Skinning to do Alchemy. I’ve been accumulating herbs for quite a while. After Obliette sent everything over to Ette I had enough herbs to skill Ette up to 196 (30 points past Obliette)(ok, so I bought a little bit from AH.. not too much).

Monneh. Poor neglected Monneh. A priest isn’t at the top of my things to level.. so she’s languished at about level 18 for a while.. acting as my cloth and cookable-food bank. Last week I decided to exploit guildies for clothie goods.. this means that there’s no reason for Monneh to be a tailor. ALSO with both Tatia and Obliette doing enchanting.. there’s no real reason for her to do enchanting.

As time has passed, everyone of my toons has found gems.. and not known what to do with them. I’d just been stashing them in various banks. The dash into tradeskill musical chairs caused me to change Monneh into a mining/jewelcrafter. She’ll need to hit up some lower level stuff to skill up mining.. but the jewelcrafting created a nice flood of lower level disenchantables for Obliette.

Tikataka falls into the “I don’t love you” category of toons. I didn’t love playing her.. so it’s hard to go back to her. She does well as a totally neglected alt. Not going to delete her.. but not ready to go back and play her either. She languishes. She was my first toon so I’m nostalgic about her.

At the end:

Tatia 62 Paladin Skinning 375 / Enchanting 295
Tikah 21 Hunter Skinning 133 / Leatherworking 190
Ette 20 Warlock Herbalism 115 / Alchemy 196
Obliette 20 Druid Herbalism 100 / Enchanting 92
Monneh 18 Priest Mining 1 / Jewelcrafting 78
Tikataka 26 Rogue Herbalism 125 / Skinning 214

For now.. it’s all good.

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