And then suddenly the sun rises

Last night was West Kingdom guild night (the alliance-side guild I’m in). It started out with a stealth run for the high level rogues/druids but that was done about 5 minutes after I logged in. Then it was stated the the goal for the night was to get Zynnia (63 Priest) to 70. West Kingdom had a Holy Paladin (hi Lazy Slacker) but he declared he was done with healing and started playing his hunter instead.

It’s a good thing.. everyone else in WK had gotten complacent and hadn’t bothered to play a healer up to 70. So WK needs a healer. Zynnia was actually on a different server.. when the WK holy paladin healer announced he wasn’t going to heal anymore (and respeced to Protection) Zynnia transfered over to Khaz Modan. In a previous life (read PRE-BC) Zynnia was a hardcore raider. In fact when I sent out this link (http://files.filefront.com/Serpentshrine_Cavern_xvidavi/;7732351;/fileinfo.html) (if this were a movie preview I would -so- stand in line on opening night) she confessed to feeling homesick for raiding. So she came to WK decked out in T1 gear (low wolf whistle). After 3 levels of BC she now looks as hodge-podged as the rest of us :).

Luckily Tatia can ride Zynnia’s coattails on the way to 70. Since the guild is focused on getting Zynnia to 70, that effort can bleed over to getting Tatia to 70. Lucky me.

Last night we were Tatia (62 Protection Pally), Zynnia (63 Priest), Krullwyn (60-61 Hunter), Flashback (62 Mage) and Shoktul (63 Druid). We started off in Hellfire Peninsula. Zynnia and Krullwyn had a few quests to finish off there.

First we killed the Raging Colossus. When I finished this quest the first time, I ended up grouped with a random Holy Paladin and Flashback. With only 3 in the party the Colossus are a PITA (I could -almost- solo one.. but the adds hurt like heck and I ended up needing a bit of healing). Add to that, the boss was a serious PITA. FYI: the boss does a big knockback so don’t melee him with your back to the big red crystal. It SUCKS getting knocked into the hole around the crystal. I ended up killing off the add that chased me into the hole.. and then killed off the boss when he jumped down to get me. In fact I couldn’t find my way out of the hole until after the boss was dead.

With our new, well-balanced group, killing off the colossus (colossi?) and the boss was cake-walk simple.

Next we ran off to the Pools of Aggonar. Krullwyn killed off the blisterrots and the terrorfiends, and ran off to turn that part of the quest in. While waiting for him I found out that without a flying mount there’s no way to get up to Aggonar’s head. Much disappointed. When Krullwyn got back we summoned the bigger demon guy and easily killed him. Then we veered a little to the right and killed the Overlord. Simple and very straight forward.

So now Tatia is completely done with Hellfire Peninsula quests (except for the repetitive quest for HH rep). On to Zangarmarsh.

We cut a wide bloody swath across Zangarmarsh. Almost all of them quests Tatia had already completed. It was a heady feeling to be able to tell the group about what was coming up next (though I think most of them just humored me since they already have toons at 70).

Toward the end of the night we started getting into some quests I hadn’t done yet. Flying as a crow was interesting.. but since it was not self-directed it was kind of like a protracted taxi flight. Easy XP though.

At the very end of the night Tatia dinged 63 (yeah) killing a Fen Strider. Only 7 more levels to go.

For the happy note:
The attitude of “phuck it” is working for me. I finally just resolved myself.. if it’s not a boss fight.. and no one’s dying I don’t have to stress about not having aggro. That said, when it was necessary, I had it. I think a lot of that had to do with finally catching up to everyone.. so Tatia wasn’t the lowest in the group. The new gear is also helping. On the Overlord I asked if anyone had pulled aggro (Zynnia and I are the only ones with KTM so I hadn’t been able to see other’s aggro). Flashback said that he critted a couple times and still didn’t get the mob’s attention (yeah me).

Most of the time was spent swinging my big hammer.. when we fought more than one mob (or a boss) I switched to sword/board. It seemed to work very effectively. No one died anyway.

So the future is looking brighter.

3 thoughts on “And then suddenly the sun rises

  1. Congratz on finishing up HellFire Peninsular. I haven’t had much me time with “Galo” a few days, Working all week at nights wont be able to play till weekend. /Sucks. However the rest bonus time will be good. However i haven’t been able to use up the rest bonus a i already had either, so kudo’s for more.

    I had tried to Solo the Red Demons boss by the pool area. I got the 2 blue mobs with all the hands. The Damm Red demons boss i had to kill for the quest cit me hard with Pyroblast and some other shadow spell both critted be to death. Tried him 3 times think he had like 35k HP. Fat chance of soloing him at 62. Oh Well will get him somehow on the weekend when i have time.

  2. With Overlord, the mage pulled the many-armed ladies one at a time. I don’t know if you could solo them if the came individually but that seems like a good plan.

    You could probably pull them with Linken’s boomerang.

    Overlord.. I have no idea how hard he really was. Without healing I have a feeling he’d be too hard to solo at this level.

  3. Actually the Blue many armed ladies easily no problem. I just used Linken’s Boomerang to pull them both and easy to pick off. So all i was left with was the giant big Demon whatever his name was. He’s hard to Solo at 62. At least you got past it in a group no problem. Wasn’t his hits that got me, was his spell damage. Combat log revealed me crit me like at 1.9K on Pyroblast, i didn’t last 8sec’s. I retried him 3 times to solo him. After that i gave up, realized i needed a group or los of magic resistance. Maybe at 63 or 64 i can solo him, however probably find a group before that. I don’t usually like to be beaten by solo bosses on quests. So far he’s winning.

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