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I think I’ll just eat worms says Paladin level the slowest. (though the did note that the difference between #1 and #9 was only 12 hours).

Awake of Nilihium says “we do not use any Moonkins, Protection Paladins, Retribution Paladins or anything that is way below the standard classes that can do a much better job at said task” which is gospel.. the first raiding guild to beat the game said so.

Nobody loved me. Everybody hates me. I think I’ll just eat worms.

Whatever. I didn’t pick a paladin to get into Nilihium. and although I did pick the paladin to level quickly to 70 I can live with a difference of 12 hours play time.

I do wish that the developers would take this to heart and hit us with the buff bat.. but I’m not holding my breath.

2 thoughts on “I think I’ll just eat worms”

  • Prot paladins have already proven their worth. Nihilum can suck my ****. The problem with Bleeding Edge guilds like Nihilum or Curse is that they see each class as only having a given role. Off specs are never used. Ever. If you are Class X you will spec similar to all other Class X players already in the guild.

    So they beat it first? You really think it was because they had everyone in certain specs? No, it’s because they play 6-7 nights a week, for 4+ hours a night, go in with full flasks, potions, etc. and are dead set on being first. It wouldn’t surprise me if, when they were doing Black Temple, they were playing for 6+ hours a night.

    Does that mean we’re perfect or where we should be? No, we could still use some more buffs, but as it stands we are miles ahead of where paladins were a year ago. Pre-tBC, the idea of a paladin being the main tank of anything other than normal instances was laughable at best.

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