Forced to Flag

Call me a wuss.. call me a care bear, whatever. My game (for the most part) does not include PVP. I’ve tried it.. I determined I sucked.. I figured out that the time investment to frustration ratio was too high for me to try to get to the point where I didn’t suck (though I am contemplating giving it another try as a warlock).

I play on a PVE server. I’m not flagged PVP (except for that one time I purposefully flagged to capture the towers in Hellfire Peninsula. -SO- the exception). Twice I’ve been forced to flag.

Once as a level 44 Protection Paladin, while fighting pirates in Tanaris, a flagged level 48 horde rogue stealthed up behind me while I was grinding 5-6 pirates. He forced me to flag by standing in my consecrate. I was down to 20% life.. so my flagging went unnoticed until he stabbed the stuffing out of me. The run back from the Tanaris graveyard almost took long enough for the flag to wear off. I got back, rezzed.. then ran off until my flag wore off. The rogue chased me emoting /wait and /followme the whole way.

This last Friday, I got an urge to make a Troll. Don’t ask me why. I think it was the hair. I created a new level 1 troll shaman. The first Troll quest is to kill little piggies near the starting area. The piggies are level 1 and neutral so I targetted the first one I saw and tried out my new lightening bolt. Almost immediately “piggie” started shooting pink bolts at me and I died.

“Wow, I thought, Troll beginning area is MUCH harder”. It took me a couple of minutes to realize I’d been shot by a Night Elf hunter (pink bolts were some kind of hunter arrow).

It took me a little while longer to figure the whole scenario out.

Skull level to me (actually level 20) NE hunter had somehow gotten himself into the troll/orc starting area. There he tamed one of the piggies used for the starter quest. This piggie he then placed in the most highly visible area for the newbie players and told his piggie to “STAY”. NE hunter then backed off a couple steps.. and used “shadowmeld” a NE stealth that works as long as they stand still. When the NE enters “shwdowmeld” his PVP red flagged piggie changes to yellow neutral. From a distance it’s easy to mistake PVP piggie for any other random piggie.

Level 1 toon targets PVP piggie, plinks him for 1-2 points damage.. then NE hunter pops out of stealth and ganks the now-flagged for PVP newbie.

The sheer level of frustration with being forced to flag just makes me see red. If I wanted to PVP I’d have joined a PVP server or I would /pvp and flip my flag manually. Having some other-factioned toon force me to flag just proves to me that they’re a bully. In both cases the toon out-leveled me to the point where ganking me was absolutely no challenge. So it wasn’t the “thrill of facing a smarter opponent” driving them to gank.. it was simply the cruel little beast inside of them thrilling at fucking up someone’s day.

In both cases I wanted to report them.. but although what they did was slimy.. I’m not sure that it’s actually reportable. I wish I could rank them the way you rank a seller on EBay.. that way, when you’re setting up a PUG you could look at their Karma ranking.. and see that they’re a ninja looter.. and a reprehensible person before you get into a group with them.

Instead I have to be satisfied with making a note of their name.. and swearing to -never- group with them in the future. Not very satisfying but it’s what I’ve got.

3 thoughts on “Forced to Flag

  1. That Hunter one was actually a really clever idea though, you’d have to admit. As for that Rogue, you can’t flag from AoE, you must have accidentally clicked on him or something and attacked.

    Either way, if you’re not healing PvP is pointless on a Paladin (okay I lied, Retribution can do it fairly well) but healing is overpowered. If you sit around and heal people, they kill stuff for you. It’s like being a warlock almost, hehe. Anyhow, the moral of that story is: Protection suck at doing a handful of things, PvP is one of them, DPS is the other, and I’m sure there is more. Not to say Prot Paladins are bad, but all classes/specs have something they are lackluster in.

  2. That was clever, but really slimy. Someone who camps the starting area has way too much time on their hands.

  3. Actually, I think both of them are reportable, especially on a PvE server, because they use stealth.

    In particular, Blizzard should come down hard on the hunter. Camping newbies is very detrimental to the health of the game. I can easily see some person trying WoW for the first time, and quitting after that.

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