Smug Superiority

I forgot to mention.. before going to Blood Furnace (the night before) I PUGed Ramparts (I was level 64 at the time). When I showed up I asked for my role (they already had both a warrior and a priest). The Warrior (level 61) informed me that he would be tanking and the Priest went shadow and informed me that I’d be healing.

Spiff. Me, protection spec’d Tatia the tank, main healing. I figured the worst that could happen is that we’d all die. So I swapped into my healing gear (I’ve been dutifully setting aside healing gear as I got it) and healed my tush-ie off.

First off: It wasn’t that hard. Seal of Light, Judgement of light.. then auto hit the baddie to keep it up. Holy Light here, Flash of Light there, a bit of cleansing. For the most part, no one died except the hunter’s pet (which I really do feel somewhat bad about).

Why I feel bad: I use GRID and GRID can’t see pets. I did set the pet as my focus and used focus frames to keep track of him.. but still it was terribly hard to keep track of him since he was listed somewhere other than GRID.

To TPTB WRT GRID: Please oh please update GRID to include pets.

Why I don’t feel bad: The hunter refused to turn GROWL off.. so the pet kept pulling aggro off of the warrior (who never asked for time to get 5 sunders in or anything else to build better aggro).

Anyway, Second off: in my healing gear my mana pool is HUGE. I’m talking freaking out of this world ginormous. I went from ~4000 mana to ~7500 mana just by changing clothes. DAMN! I think I ran out of mana once.

Third off: I think because Warriors expect to tank most of them don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. This warrior seemed to have very little tanking experience. A normal pull sent baddies running in every direction and he seemed to have no idea how to get them back.

I don’t think it was entirely the Warrior’s fault.. as the hunter and the mage seemed mostly clueless about managing their aggro. But I had alot of moments where I had to keep reminding myself that I was there to heal.. and that maybe I shouldn’t be telling the tank how to do his job.

We hadn’t setup a vent server.. so I found myself a couple of times just deciding that it was too much work to type out my comments. As long as we weren’t all dying the run was going “good enough”.

The group blew up just after trying the last boss for the first time.. as we started on the boss the tank said that he could only try this once since he had to goto work. As expected, we wiped.. and then the tank quit the party. The priest also quit the party. I offered to tank but said I couldn’t both tank and heal. Another person in the party said that he had some people he could bring in.. and he brought in a 70 Rogue and a 70 Warrior.

With a 70 Warrior tanking the dragon is a piece of cake.

– In a pinch Tatia can main heal (at least on an easy five-man)
– Trying to be a Pally tank has caused me to be more cognizant of threat, attack tables, and aggro management. It’s kind of a headache.. but I’m glad I did it.
– I need to be more forceful in putting myself forward as MT for an instance. I’m certain I could have done a better job than the Warrior tank we had.. but I’m still a little uncertain if I could tank that last boss. Just because the perception is that Pallys can’t tank doesn’t mean that I should allow groups to cast me into the healer role. (this lead to my tanking BF the next day)(and kicking BUTT I might add)

2 thoughts on “Smug Superiority

  1. Agree, when it comes up you should present yourself more as a Tanking Paladin. I’ve only done Ramparts once and as the tank. I asking my role, we had 2 paladins. I made it known i was there to tank and that my gear did not support healing. I Tanked, other Paladin Healed. He was Holy anyway, so worked out.

  2. I agree, I wish raid frames mods would have an option to display pet health (unless they already do, I am fairly oblivious lol)

    Oooh I hate it when hunters leave auto-growl on. Unless they are trying to pull aggro on a stray mob so that it doesn’t gank a clothy, there’s zero reason to taunt things off of the tank. /rant

    Arguably: I would go so far as to say that in many ways, paladins are superior to warriors in terms of 5-man tanking (many heroics included), because of our ability to easily tank multiple mobs and frontload threat.

    But it’s personal preference I guess; all of my 5-man runs are super AoE heavy /zerg! Hehe nice site by the way 🙂

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