“I’m in ur Shattered Halls lootn yer dudez!!”

I’m leaving for 2 weeks of vacation soon. So late yesterday was spent iterating over toons, cleaning out their mailboxes.

Eventually the 70s in West Kingdom guild declared that they wanted to do Shattered Halls (for Honor Hold reputation) but had no healer. Finally it was decided that Tatia would come in and heal. We -started- at about 12:30 PM.

Yes, you read it, Tatia, the level 66 protection spec’d pally tank, would come and main heal for Shattered Halls, a level 70 instance. I was so gonna get smushed.

At one point Knunn, the rogue, was taking bets as to who would get to the lower durability, him or me. I got down to 42%. I don’t know where he was when we ended.

We were: Tatia (me! 66 Protection Pally – main healer), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Knunn (70 Rogue), Sibiy (70 Hunter), Raouen (70 Hunter).

– I am a paladin. I can heal.
– I’m protection spec’d and have always been protection spec’d. I’ve only ever “main healed” two instances. Strat (when run with a bunch of 70s) and Ramparts (when running with a level appropriate group).
– Doing it twice does not make me good at it 🙂
– For the first time -ever- I used Blessing of Salvation on myself (boggle)

That said:
– I think we did fairly well. As long as the pulls were controlled.. and aggro stayed mostly on the tank, it went well.
– When it didn’t go well I usually died due to pulling healing aggro. I could throw about 6-7 big heals before the bad guys came to mush me.
– When the bad guys came to mush me they did so in about 3 hits (healing gear is only at 25% avoidance)(but has a ginormous mana pool).
– We called it for the night at about the half way point (after we’d killed the right-hand and left-hand fighting-each-other mobs after the “Gauntlet of Fire”). We didn’t start off until really late.. so by the time it was really really late we were only about half way through. We -might- have been able to make it all the way through.. but the late hour caused us to call it a night.
– Healing makes me feel squishy. There is sincere panic when the bad guys (who can three shot me) come after me. “Run toward your tank” takes on more importance. Coupled with the realization that I wasn’t really watching the fights.. I was watching my GRID. It made it hard to keep track of where the tank was to run to him.
– I think I ran out of mana completely twice. Once in a long fight and at least once in the gauntlet of fire. Oddly, I don’t think I died either of those times.
– I had an evil moment.. when looting the corpse of a orange level 70 elite guy.. and yes.. I did say “I’m in ur Shattered Halls lootn yer dudez!!” and I even threw in an evil cackle to boot. … I’m pretty certain the rest of the group didn’t find it nearly as amusing. Whatever.
– This just goes to show.. that with a good group, a completely off-spec’d, under leveled Paladin can heal a 5-man 70s instance. Boo-ya!