I’m Ba-ack

Yes, it’s true. The eagle has landed (granted, it landed at 6 o-freaking-clock in the morning.. but I digress).

Decompression from vacation is complete. A nap followed by very bad news (my Grandfather died). Followed by some mindless WoW to not think about Grandpa. Wow is great for mindless zoning. But anyway, you don’t want to hear about my emotional wreckage.

Alaska is like Wintersprings (without snow) + Nagrand (with trees) + Eversong Woods (with fewer Dragonhawks and more moose). My time sense is all messed up. The sun didn’t set until 2am .. very disconcerting. We met people we WoW with.. and told “no shit there I was stories” about battle grounds.. and that one time in Menethil Harbor. Good time was had by all.

Upon my return I continued grinding Ogres in Nagrand. Tatia is level 66 and has mostly run out of quests (expect for 2 group quests in Nagrand). The best thing to do would be to move on to Blade Edge.. but I felt a little to low level to be there. Figuring that I wanted Kurenai rep anyway.. I determined to grind those Warrior Ogres in the southern cave in Nagrand. There’s about 7 ogres outside the cave.. and they’re mostly warriors.. and if no one else is there I can make a circuit and kill them all just as the first one is resetting.

Perfect for mindless grinding. I finally made level 67 at about 8:30PM.

As a lucky bonus, one of the ogres dropped [item]Formula: Enchant Shield – Shield Block[/item]. Tatia’s enchanting is only at 295 so I’ll hang onto it for a while. The second choice would be to have a appropriately skilled guildie learn the enchantment.. and then extort them to enchant my shield. I’m toying with that idea. It does allow for Tatia to change her skills and still have access to the ever-so-important-for-endgame enchantment.

But I’ll lose my shield spike. *pout*

THAT SAID: In her Tanking set with Holy Shield up, Tatia’s already at 75% avoidance. That means, if she could get the Libram (purchased by having heroric marks) then she could be at 110% avoidance (according to the Avoidance Macro Coriel posted.

That’s right now.. without her fancy “must have for 70 armor list“. Granted, her mana pool is miniscule (health/mana ~7000/4000)… but it’s worth thinking about.

BTW grinding Ogres was done in my “AOE” armor set. Which is what Tatia has on now in the Armory. That set’s only at ~66% avoidance with Holy Shield up but has health/mana at 6059/7036. But even at that I was seeing more miss/dodge/blocks to the Ogre Warrior’s blows that anything else (the mages were difficult.. those dang spells keep whoomping my hinny. Frost Protection Aura FTW).

After hitting level I ran Tatia over to Blade’s Edge.. but I couldn’t work up the enthusiasm to start a new set of quests.. so I logged her off and started playing Ette.

A guildie was doing a run through Scarlet Monestary with his 70 for a couple of other lowbies. So I volunteered to go along. We ended up running all three parts.

With a 70 warrior to keep the aggro off of you, AOE as a warlock is fun. Ette was the only cloth wearer so got lots of loot from the run.

2 thoughts on “I’m Ba-ack

  1. I think you’re misreading the Libram. It’s only 5% more block. It’s very good, but not *that* good.

    You don’t need to worry about uncrushability until Karazhan. Everything in 5-mans is level 72 or lower, and cannot crush.

    (Also, I don’t know if this is deliberate, but my anti-spam word was “kek”.)

  2. Dang.. ok.. not so much “misreading” as not bothering to read. I had “35%” stuck in my head. Now I remember it’s 30% from Holy Shield and an additional 5% from the Libram.

    Whew.. here I was thinking all those “you must use this armor” guides were just being whiners.

    🙂 The WordPress anti-spam addon allows me to specify whatever words I want. Warcraft centric seemed rather appropriate 🙂

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