Kargath ate my mana pool

To be honest, Tatia spends 90% of her time mana starved.

It doesn’t matter if I load up on water, mana pots and stack Seal of Wisdom with Judgment of Wisdom. Chance are I’m constantly muttering “I’m outta mana”.

When I’m Solo or Tanking my fighting strategies are all geared towards mana conservation. In a tough fight, if I’m being careful I usually end at about 50% mana. I like having at least that much at the end of the fight just in case I immediately get jumped by something else. Mana good. Without mana I can’t do any of my jobs. No resurrect, no blessing, no healing, no tanking (I had no dps to begin with).

In my tanking set I have a miniscule mana pool. It’s tiny and I run out of it often. It’s almost a thrill to put on my healing set and double my mana pool.

In most cases a double sized pool is big enough. I’m not exactly casting willy-nilly… but it does give me the ability (with a little bit of care) to usually make it through the whole fight without running out of mana.

Not so last night.

Someone suggested we should take another run at Shattered Halls. The group was Tatia (me 67 Protection Pally Healer), Gongniu (70 Warrior Tank), Knunn (70 Rogue), Sibiy (70 hunter) and Krullwyn (67 Hunter).

We did pretty well. We made it all the way to Kargath. Yes, we died alot.. and yes, we stopped at one point to repair. But we made it to Kargath.

We made many many attempts at Kargath.

– Stand on the steps or run into the room with Kargath whenever someone in your party engages him. If your any further back you’re going to get ganked by Assassins who appear in the door to the room.
– Strategy is good. I wish we’d been able to find a good one.

At one point we got him down to 28%. The problem seemed to be his ping-pong attack. After you engage him for a while (~30 sec) he suddenly starts bouncing around the room hitting everyone for ~2-3k damage. The first time isn’t so bad.. but if everyone can’t get healed up then they usually die the second time he does his ping-pong.

My mana pool just isn’t up to the task of throwing out 1-2 big heals on everyone in the party before he did his ping-pong again. Even just concentrating on myself and the tank, by about the second ping-pong someone would die.. then I’d run out of mana.. then the tank would die.. then we’d wipe.

We tried a lot of different things. Finally we put Sibiy on “Add duty”… she burned them down like a pro. None of them got through. Knunn and Krullwyn assisted Gongniu. I Seal/Judged on Kargath and then healed in between autoattacks. Depending on which attempt it was, I used Light or Wisdom. Neither seemed to have an appreciable effect.

It’s just frustrating to have to give up on the last guy. I mean GRRR!