Impish by nature

Month: September 2007

Um… Cool.

It turns out that my UI is setup very similarly to Awake, Niilum’s Pally healer. I feel all special.

I want my damned Broom

*Curse* *stomp* *grrr* Any second now I’m going to start throwing things. I -love- the idea of having a broom mount for Ette (and Entropy) my Warlock but instead of making it a “real” mount they’re making it a one-use item. GRRRRRR


It’s official, I -need- Exalted with CE. First there’s that damned guy in Coilfang who only repairs for you if you’re Exalted. I’m Revered buddy. That means you revere me. How freaking much do you have to revere me before you will fix my damn […]

Blue in Paladin Forum

… and I’m about to cry from the overwhelming feeling. They’re talking to us… and they’re saying nice things. From Drysc wrt 2.3: – 1/3 of +healling will be counted as +spell. … it’s about a third. So 1500 +heal would give about +500 +spell […]

Great Blessings on pets

Hunter pets, Warlock Felguard, Warlock Voidwalker have a ‘Warrior’ class now now. They receive greater blessings you cast on warriors, and other way around. Other warlock pets (Succubus, Imp, Felhunter) have a ‘Warlock’ class. Same kind of functionality. It’s interesting.. and somewhat useful.. but I […]


Found a link to this on the Forum. May want to go back to it in the future. The Retributer’s Path: Gearing/Playing Ret The Retributer’s Path 2: Raiding as Ret

Warlock Amplify Curse Macro

Amplify Curse Instant 3 min cooldown Increases the effect of your next Curse of Doom or Curse of Agony by 50%, or your next Curse of Exhaustion by an additional 20%. Lasts 30 sec. I spent a lot of time playing Ette over the weekend […]

How I Heal, Grid+Clique

A couple of guildies recently respec’d to heal and were asking about my addons (queen of addons here). Here’s what I wrote up for them. I use GRID to heal. I love love love grid+clique. I’m pretty sure I’d have to give up healing if […]

List of pre-raid Paladin Healing Gear

Content moved here: List of Paladin Healing Gear

All grow’d up

I finally feel like we’re finally playing with the big kids. West Kingdom defeated our first Heroic instance, Heroic Underbog. Now individual members of WK had done Heroic in pugs in the past.. but this was our first full guildie group. We were: Gongniu (Protection […]