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Adding Judgement of the Crusader

Judgment of the Crusader – Unleashing this Seal’s energy will judge an enemy for 20 sec, increasing Holy damage taken by up to 190. Your melee strikes will refresh the spell’s duration.

Having mucked through the math to get nice line charts for Seal of Righteousness vs Seal of Vengeance.. it seemed just a shame to let that go to waste. That said.. I think my math is broken.

I added in Judgment of the Crusader to see how that would effect Seal of Righteousness.. and I’m kind of surprised by the results.

Edited: My math was fine.. my method was broken.

The “up to 190” can be thought of as +spell damage that only shows up on Holy spells (your spells and the spells of others) as modified by the +spell coefficient on the holy spell being cast.

Assumed fight sequence for Judgment of the Crusader/Seal of Righteousness.
– Pull mob with Judgment of the Crusader.
– Immediately cast Seal of Righteousness and hit the mob.
– Judge Righteousness every time Judgment cooldown is up.

For short fights (<20 sec), it's better to Seal/Judge Righteousness with a 2-hander.
For longer fights, Judge Crusader, then Seal/Judge Righteousness. That said, the difference is minimal.

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  • I always wondered how much of a difference Judged Crusader did in the long run. Awesome graph. I am lazy when it comes to theorycrafting and that satisfied my long burning curiousity. *thumbs up*

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