I think it’s working…

So.. running through my daily quests.. and kept an eye on SW Stats especially the ‘Effective DPS’ part. I’m finally Honored with Ogri’la so I’ve just gotten the “banish the demons” quest. MMMmmm demons are yummy and jack my (lol)dps through the roof.

I spiked as high as 293. Woot! I know mages are snickering in their sleeve.. but for me this is fantastic.

Very toned down weekend. One run Shattered halls, one run Steamvaults. Helped a guildie with the Ring of Blood. Very quiet.

4 thoughts on “I think it’s working…

  1. I can’t remember off hand what my DPS is. Not sure how much i worried about it before. But I kill stuff quick enough for me to to not worry about it, when mobs shine my shield. On next shield i probably start using a Fel Steel Shield Spike when i get a purple one.

    I love my Darkmoon Card Vengeance, it procs crazy for me, i see the animations all the time so i can tell it helps. I got a long way to go for gear still for anything Kara related.

    Questing wise i do pretty much fine doing my quests solo with current gear. I guess that part i’m used to much more than instancing which i need to work on over time.

  2. I’m only worried about my DPS in solo situations. In an instance my dps is nearly nil.

    It’s when I’m questing/doing daily quests that I need to be able to kill the mobs in at least a somewhat efficient manner. Srsly, taking 2 minutes to kill one mob was getting really really old. Begging guild mates to go with me on my dailys. or in questing was also getting old.

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