Short and sweet

No Kara last night. We only had 8 people on.. and one of them wasn’t keyed. So we formed a group and ran him through the start of the key chain (heh.. ok.. pun slightly intended).

I think we’ll actually have him fully keyed after one more night of running him around.

While in Shadow Labs I won [item]Breastplate of Many Graces[/item].. I’m very stoked. I think I’ve fulfilled everything on my List of pre-Heroic Paladin Healing Gear”. I just have a couple of nice-to-have upgrades I still want. Guess it’s time to work on my List of Kara and Heroic Paladin Healing Gear.

In my spell gear I was averaging 230 dps. Still have quite a few things to acquire on that list. I suppose it will come in time.

Also contemplating a new list.. something with high resists, stamina and int. Haven’t started anything concrete.. but getting repeatedly fireballed to death by the dragon in Heroic Ramparts kinda sucked.

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