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Dipping into Kara

This has been an odd week.. in that last night (Thursday) was our first night in Kara this week. Other RL things got in the way.

Even then, we said we’d start at 9 but Amellea, our Druid Healer, said he had to make a phone call.. so everyone else gathered at Kara.. and after waiting a while, decided to tackle animal trash.

Happy note: The kara spiders drop Netherweb Spider Silk (yeah!). Just what I needed to get another 18-slot bag. Other than that.. it was a wash of +15 rep per kill.. but no real phat lootz.

It turns out you can do animal side with only one healer.. you just have to be very judicious with the crowd control.

Eventually Amellea got off his call and we were able to do a really run on Attuman. We were Gongniu (Warror MT), Pheefee (Warrior OT), Tatia (Pally Healer), Amellea (Druid Healer), Knunn (Rogue), Drakus (Rogue), Stiletta (Rogue), Daegothh (Mage), Sibiy (Hunter), and Raouen (Hunter). It was slick and easy. It took us 17 minutes to get through the adds to Attuman. We then downed Midnight and Attuman. No one died.. but I did end the fight with 0 mana. I think I need to pop mana pots earlier in the fight.

He dropped [item]Vambraces of Courage[/item] (Gongniu) and [item]Worgen Claw Necklace[/item] (Drakus).

Then we cleared up to the ballroom and into Moroes room. We made two attempts at Moroes but then it was getting pretty late so we had to call it a night.

Moroes was hard. I’m just not used to juggling Turn Undeads. I think we -can- do it.. but it will require a lot more trying.

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  • Hey tip for your CC assignment on moroes.

    Learn to love focus macros. So you want to not lose your tank target for healing and want to fear your add so make two macros

    Macro 1: Focus


    That is it, when you walk into the room, select your add, and click this macro hell get a white glow around his frame(default UI). Click back onto your healing target.

    macro 2: Fear your focus

    /target focus
    /cast turn undead

    will turn you from the tank, fear the undead and put you back on the tank


    Shifttusk – Hunter

  • Thanks for the comment!

    I updated my Warlock Banish macro into a Pally Turn Undead macro and used “FocusFrames” to keep my focus up on my screen.

    #show Turn Undead
    #showtooltip Turn Undead
    /clearfocus [target=focus,dead]
    /clearfocus [target=focus,noexists]
    /focus [target=focus,noexists]
    /cast [target=focus] Turn Undead

    Ie, if my focus is dead or doesn’t exist, clear my focus. If I have no focus, set my target as my focus. Cast Turn Undead on my focus.

    Turn Undead breaks 10 seconds before the cooldown is up. So Hammer of Justice.. run away.. or hope I can just take the short-term beating.

    I use GRID so I had no problem watching my heal targets.. I ran into problems when the tank got gouged.. and the tank’s target broke loose and glommed onto me from healing aggro and killed me.

  • Well the issue here doesnt seem to be the CC 😛

    But i agree with the other poster a 3rd healer sometimes helps alot. Even more than that having a group like:

    1xOfftank spec or feral
    2xFull healers
    1xOffhealer (ele shaman or boomkin)

    is most beneficial, having the hybrid healer available to help on tough encounters on healing (prince) really makes the run go smoother.

  • I found that Kara is generally much easier with 3 healers. Most bosses can be done with only 2, but you might want to think about getting another one in the mix. You have to take yourself out to turn undead for that 1 add when what your really need to be doing is healing. If you can get a priest in there instead of a rogue, it would make the encounter easy. Of course, much easier said than done.

    Not sure what you’re doing with Moroes, but maybe I can provide some pointers. (Sorry if you know all this already.) Two of the adds will need to be chain trapped by the two hunters. One will be turned (or shackled if you have the priest). And then you’ll kill the last one. Easiest way would probably be to have the mage pull agro while the rogues use the slowing poison. (Mage will need to move continuously, but shouldn’t be a problem with the poison.) You should probably be able to kill one in the 20 seconds. If not, maybe have a rogue evasion tank that add until the rest of the part can get there, and interrupt the heals (if applicable).

    Kill 3 of the adds, and then leave the last one chain trapped until Moroes is dead. Hope that helped.

  • As it turns out, one of our rogues is currently leveling a Priest.. we hope to have her in Kara as soon as she hits 70.

    The slow-and-run-away sounds like a nice way to handle it. I think we just need to tackle this a bunch more times to get a feel for it.

  • You’ll generally want to CC two of Moroes’ adds, and kill another two prior to killing him.

    Your CC Options are: shackle (best), traps, fears (can reset the encounter – not recommended), offtanks.

    What we often do is: shackle/trap two (ret pally, holy pally, MS warrior are the three most important to trap), evasion tank a clothie (holy/shadow priest) while burning it down quickly, and offtank the last one (prot warrior or ms warrior, preferably) before killing it second. The offtank will also have to be working on staying second on Moroes’ aggro list for the gouge…. so s/he has to be capable enough to manage two enemies for ~1-2m.

  • Another option for Moroes adds, if there’s the Shadow Priest one, you can kite it around with a good Lock. Bonus if the Lock is Affliction/Demo Hybrid with COEx, Soul Link and MD w/ Felhunter resist talents. If not, COT and liberal use of Shadow Ward works too.

    Start off with Searing Pain to peel it away and the run around the perimeter of the room (away from everyone else), using DOTs + COEx kite. Felhunter can take care of debuffs and Spell Lock the Shadow Priest when it stops to cast something nasty. Even then, Mana Burns are better on the Lock than a healer due to Lifetap. Shadow Ward every cooldown.

    With Soul Link, MD resists, Shadow Ward and correct kiting, this makes the Shadow Priest add very manageable while you kill one of the other adds first.

  • We try to bring two priests, usually one shadow and one holy. That way we can shackle two adds, burn down the shadow priest add and hopefully chain trap the prot warrior add. We still don’t have the encounter on farm but we do manage to struggle through it every week somehow. Moroes is a tough fight. Not only is Moroes tough, but each of those adds presents their own unique problems, plus they have an annoying tendency to break cc. That MS Warrior running loose wipes us quick, the shadow priest burns our healer mana (which we need for healing!), the healer adds drag the fight out past our endurance limits and the prot warrior… Well, he just takes too long to kill. As Karthis pointed out if you turn undead on an add and they leave the room they reset the encounter, which sucks. Honestly we have an easier time with Curator these days.

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