How I Heal, Grid+Clique

A couple of guildies recently respec’d to heal and were asking about my addons (queen of addons here). Here’s what I wrote up for them.

I use GRID to heal. I love love love grid+clique. I’m pretty sure I’d have to give up healing if I didn’t have grid+clique.

[Edited to add: NEW VIDEO! I’ve created a complimentary video showing this healing technique.]

I use Grid with pets. It’s a currently under development version of Grid that is very close to becoming the official version. I’ve found that the convenience of being able to see/heal pets far outweighs the drawback of running a beta version of Grid. The only problems I’ve had with this version have been when people mind control something.. and when pets rapidly die, rez or reappear after the hunter dismounts it sometimes shows a black box. I’m willing to put up with the problems.
The newest version of Grid has pet support built in. It’s a thing of beauty.

The official page for Grid:

Official thread for Grid with Pets:

Grid shows colored boxes on your screen. You can tweak the colors, the layout, the outlines, the text, the icons. Very configurable. In most cases you can use it as-is, out-of-the-box.

Each player is represented by a box that’s colored according to their class. It only shows the first 3-4 letters of a players name. You can make the box bigger but I’ve never felt the need. When a player is out of range (I’m not sure what determines the range.. I think it’s set to 40 yds) that player’s box is sort of greyed out (Nice for being able to tell random hunter they’re out of range for heals before they actually need them). The corners of the box can have color coded pixels that tell you what’s going on.

Pretty picture of raid in action:
Grid in action

IE, in the picture above, the Warlock Der (row 1, column 4) and the Warrior Sug (row 5, column 4) have aggro. This is nice to know. If you know that the things hitting them hit for 4K on cloth and 1.5k on plate you can start casting a big heal on Der knowing that Sug can probably take a hit or two. That and it looks like Sug already has an active Renew on him (green indicator in the bottom right-hand corner).

The corner indicators are highly configurable. You can set them up however suits you best.

If 4 corner indicaters aren’t enough you can get GridSideIndicators which adds 4 more pixels to the middle of each of the 4 sides.

In the middle of the box you can have an icon show up tell you what bad buff they player has. In my case I have the icon show up for anything that I can cleanse.

Additionally I have GridAlert setup to -ding- anytime someone in my raid gets afflicted by something I can cleanse. I hear the -ding- and then look at grid to find who needs to be cleansed.

Clicking on a player in the grid will cause you to target them. BUT the cool thing about using GRID+Clique is you don’t have to target them.

Clique allows you to assign click-casting (and modifier+click-casting) for unit frames. Clique is the reason I’m thinking of upgrading from my 3-button mouse to a 5-button mouse.

To configure Clique, open your spell book (p). You’ll notice there’s a new tab at the bottom with a mouse on it. Click that to open the configure screen.

Nice review here:

Under “Click Set” choose “Helpful”. This allows you to bind different actions to happen when you click on a helpful unit (someone in your party, in your faction).

Bind a key and a modifier. I recommend that you -don’t- re-bind left-click and right-click. Instead bind things like shift+right-click and alt+left-click.

For example, I have the following setup:

Shift+ left-click = My biggest heal
Shift+ right-click = My little heal
Shift+ middle-click = my instant heal
Ctrl+right-click = Cleanse

[Edited to add:]
I found out you can also use 2-chord modifiers.

Ie: ALT+SHIFT+right-click = My downranked big heal

Now, going back to our pretty picture:
Grid in action

Der, the clothie Warlock has aggro on a mob that will probably hit him for 4K. I hover my mouse over Der. Hit Shift+left-click to start casting my big heal (~4k) on Der.

Once that heal goes off I’d probably cleanse whoever that poor pally in the middle is with the icon over her name (row3, column 4). Mouse over the pally, hit CTRL+right-click and then probably also Shift+right-click to throw a little heal on her. Same thing with the warlock in the top row.

(in my grid I actually shrank the size of the icons down so I could see the unit health better).

All of this could happen without actually changing my target. So normally I’m targeted on the kill mob/boss so I can see what % they have.

This also allows me to auto-hit the mob (and keep up my Seal on the mob) while healing the group. Priests could wand in between heals (assuming you’re not worried about pulling aggro).


I also use, but it’s not important:

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22 thoughts on “How I Heal, Grid+Clique

  1. Zynnia, priest healer in my guild, had a good point. This works for me as a pally healer because really I have a very small set of options. (3 heals, 1 cleanse and downranking)

    Priests have more different kinds of heals/cleanse than you can shake a stick at.

    Grid will still work for you. You just need to be more thoughtful.

    1) Get a mouse with more buttons. that will give you a few more options with Clique (the 2.2 patch also supports the difference between right CRTL and left CTRL but I”m pretty sure Clique doesn’t support that yet.. but when it does, that’s double the clique possibilities). A 3 button mouse has 9 possible click combinations. A 5 button mouse has 15. [Edited to add:] With chording you can have 18 possibilities on a 3 button mouse.. and 30 possibilities on a 5 button mouse. Shift, Ctrl, Alt, Shift+Alt, Shift+ctrl, Ctrl+alt for each mouse button.


    2) use mouseover macros with modifiers. This takes Clique out of the equation but still allows you to use the great info Grid is giving you.

    Example I could use the following to cast downranked Holy Light: (HL rank 4 is about the same strength as a full fledged Flash of Light. It has the added benefit of keeping Light’s grace up.)

    /cast [modifier:ALT, target=mouseover, help] Holy Light Rank(4); [target=mouseover, help] Holy Light

    I’d bind the above macro to a key. “x” for example.
    The macro would work like this:
    If my mouseover target is helpful,
    When I hit x it would cast Holy Light on whatever target I was moused over on Grid.
    When I hit ALT-x it would cast Holy Light Rank 4 on whatever target I was moused over on Grid.

    In either case, I didn’t have to change my -actual- target or my focus in order to heal/watch my group.

  2. I currently use HealBot Continued to do pretty much the same thing as Grid+Clique. One thing that I really like about this is the abililty to auto-downrank my heals. Do you know of the Grid/Clique combo is capable of this?

    I do like some of the other features that Grid/Clique contain: incoming heals, agrro and HoT’s on your target.

    Also, I really enjoy you blog. It helps that I am a Holy Paladin as well.

    Shylo – 66 Alliance Paladin, Staghelm-US

  3. You can’t “automatically” downrank your heals.. but you can setup a key combo to manually downrank your heals.

    I found out last night that you can use a chord modifier. I think this triples the amount of click casting you can do with Clique.

    I now have the following bindings:
    SHIFT+right-click = Flash of Light (max rank)
    ALT+SHIFT+right-click = Holy Light (Rank 4)

    My full rank FoL heals for ~1k. HL4 costs the same amount.. heals about the same amount but takes 2.5 seconds to cast. The benefit of using HL4 over max FoL is that it causes Light’s Grace to trigger. Light’s Grace causes my big Heal (Holy Light) to be a 2 second cast instead of a 2.5 second cast. Now I know that if I’m in a situation where I have time, I can use HL4 instead of max flash of light to heal. So I’ll push ALT+SHIFT+right click instead of SHIFT+right click.

  4. Thanks for the response. I will take a look at it.

    Shylo – 66 Alliance Paladin, Staghelm-US

  5. Thank you for the great information.

    Any chance you could post your configuration files? I’d like to try out these addons but I am discouraged from all the needed configuration in order to get these addons setup.

  6. I just started using this last night and still trying to get used to it.
    Probably the best place to learn how to use it properly is in a Battleground raid. Got very unpopular on the first few raids where I just stood there configuring the Grid. I started using it without clique since most my spells are macroed with /stopcasting. Going to give clique a go tonight and see if I can bind macros to my mouse buttons. If that is possible this will be the mekka of all healing addons.

    Thanks for your write up.

  7. Hey! Great site. Your doing a wonderful job with this material, and I’m better for it. Thanks!

    The video, added to the Gird+Clique topic, was really well done too. Keep up the good work, please!

  8. i am a holy paly that raids 24/7 😛 i was some really funky addons ^^

    but to be honest that just looks hard. i use key bindings and X-pearl. its simple but it works wonderfull i ahve allso som other addons that are info based works really great

  9. Hey,

    Great blog btw !

    This is some sweet addons, but I have two questions :

    1- Is your own toon in the GRID, if I want to heal myself ?

    2- Can you deactivate CLIQUE and GRID when you’re not in a group and you don’t want to use them ?

    Thanks a lot !

  10. Here’s the Grid from a screenshot just after killing High King Maulgar**:
    Grid from Gruul’s

    My toon is “Tati” in the upper right-hand corner of the grid. I can cast heals on myself the same as I cast it on anyone else in the raid.

    You -can- deactiveate them.. Or at least you can tell Grid to only show when you’re in a group. Personally I feel naked without it ;). I don’t think you can toggle clique on/off easily.

    Frankly I used grid/clique whether I’m in a group or not. When not in a group I still use it to heal/cleanse myself. I’m just trained to use grid for healing and would be lost without it.

    **Other things that I can tell just by looking at the grid screenshot:
    – Amel (upper left-hand corner) and Gong (just below Amel) are at low health. Gong has an incoming heal (green dot in lower left-hand corner).
    – Wath (Column 5, row 4) is both dead and out-of-range (or possibly released and running back).
    – Warlock and Hunter pets are listed across the bottom.. it looks like Jubq is either a phase-shifted imp or and out-of-range hunter pet.. I’d guess the former. I changed Grid to show phase-shifted imps as “out-of-range” so I’d stop trying to heal them.
    – Died, Ilad, Joeb and Ophe all have throns on them (green dot, top-center)(really Gong and Amel should too… not sure why it’s missing off them).
    – Kism has Fel Armor up (purple dot on left-hand side.).
    – I updated grid to show thorns and fel/demon armor so that I’d have a visual remind to put these things up when I play my druid/warlocks alts.
    – Oh, Nual is my current target (white dot, top-center).

  11. Thanks for that quick answer. It also answered other question I had.

    But, I’ll try it out tonight. It will be the best to learn this technique !

  12. is there somebody know where i can download config files for different cases (heal and dps) for grid ?
    it’s not so easy to setup even with screenshots

  13. Unfortunately the setup of grid is very individual. I just fiddled with it until it worked for me.

  14. Could you please tell me how to do the out-of-phase imps as always out of range? I’ve just started to use Grid and this would be very helpful to stop pointless button-bashing 😀

    thanks in advance

  15. The imp have a buff called “Phase Shifted” (or something like that.. look for the exact name on an imp). I added that as an aura in Grid and then set it up so that if any unit has the buff then the unit is shown at the same transparency as what I read as “out of range”.

  16. Hi there, I’m a pally healer and i am a very new user to Grid and Clique. I have no difficulty setting up Clique, but for Grid, the options are just too many and complex. Is it possible for you to impart to me what are the options that i should check or uncheck so as to maximise my Grid display and and my healing efficiency. I will appreciate if you will spare the time for my request. My email is Cheers!

  17. On my priest I use Decursive in addition to this for the dispels and cleanses. It’s just as effective as point and click, even though it brings up another row of small boxes on your screen.

    I also have Smartbuff/debuff on my mouse roll, so I’m buffing/debuffing people on the roll… on the run, I mean.

    Then again, I’m dispelling magic and removing curses on my shadowform, without breaking my dps rotation… 😛

    C out
    .-= Copra´s last blog ..Stoopid computer =-.

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