Impish by nature

Month: September 2007

Warlock trainer in Rachet

I’ve often complained about the unfairness to warlocks with there not being a trainer in Kalmdor. It turns out I need to eat my words. On a rise overlooking Rachet I chanced upon this trio of NPCs. Low and behold, a Warlock trainer and a […]

Blackheart the Inciter – Interesting Tidbit

If you get far enough away from him, you drop out of combat. Nice to know when he takes control of you and burns all your mana.

Plan of attack

So.. How do I squeeze the most DPS out of my holy pally? Based on my toolset (ie, I’m not protection and not deep into Retribution) I should have a second set of gear that stacks on spell damage and spell crit. I chose my […]

Getting all Offensive

I want more than 158 DPS. So I’m noodling ways to increase my DPS (besides the obvious “go play your warlock” way).

Tatia, Queen of the Ogres

Orges love me. Ogres say “she so tiny how she rule?”. Enlightened Ogres allow me to play “zimon says” and get zapped for the fun of it. Ogres fun! Wk got together and did a fast quick run through the Ogri’la pre-quests. Now that I […]

!? 158 DPS?? SRSLY?

Slow night.. logged on late. Guildies were running LBRS for enchanting mats. I joined them. The healing needs were very small so I slapped on my “spell” gear to add dps. The group was Gongniu (warrior), Tatia (Holy Pally), Raouen (Hunter), Lashala (58 Shadow Priest). […]


Librams relevant at level 70.. mostly for my happiness.

Addon: Proximo Arena Mod

I’m tempted by the Arena.. but I’m fairly certain I’ll get my ass handed to me unceremoniously. Regardless.. I stumbled across this addon that looks like it’d be fairly interesting. Noting it here just in case I actually get the urge to go into an […]

Brain Fried

Long non-WoW weekend. Did things that involve sweating, cursing (under my breath) and complaining about the heat. Honestly, when playing it’s easy to forget that you’re riding around a desert in full plate armor on your way to the Caverns of Time. Sitting in the […]