Sonic Spear

Long ago Tatia leveled for a while with Sibiy (the mighty hunter). Sibiy and Tatia were about the same level for almost 5 levels.. then Sibiy zoomed off to 70.. to his flying mount.. to greatness. Sibiy, mighty hunter.

Sibiy wants the [item]Sonic Spear[/item]. Sibiy has been through Shadow Labs enough times that he’s 5057 into Revered with Lower City. No Spear.

Fiancee has a hunter alt named Fynriss. Fynriss has languished at level 64 for a very long time (ie, almost a year). About 2 weeks ago Fiancee decided to finish leveling Fynriss. When Fynriss was level 66 we ran through Shadow Labs to get his key part. Sibiy joined the group as well with the minor grousing that “if the Sonic Spear drops, it’s mine”. Fiancee told Sibiy that he’d roll on the spear. I won’t say that Sibiy sputtered in anger.. but it was a close thing. Finally Fiancee agreed that since Fynriss wasn’t high enough level to use the spear he wouldn’t roll on it. No spear drop.

Time passes. Fynriss hits 70. On the next run through Shadow Labs Fiancee tells Sibiy: “Now that I’m 70, all agreements are null and void. If it drops, I’m rolling on it”. Sibiy doesn’t sputter but the threats were twofold: If the spear dropped and Fynriss won it .. Sibiy was going to drive to our house.. kick fiancee in the “nutsack” and then burn down our house. No spear drop.

Yesterday Fiancee called me at work. He was in a PUG in Shadow Labs and the spear had dropped. It’s Fiancee’s third time through Shadow Labs. He decides to hide this new toy from Sibiy. I made him promise to not tell -anyone- until after I got home and logged in.

Last night, Tatia is gathering herbs.. but listening on Ventrillo. Fiancee and Sibiy are in a guildie group going through Shadow Labs (guildie needed keypart). Fiancee reminds Sibiy that all deals are off. Sibiy again threatens to burn down our house. Fiancee mutes his mike, says “watch this” and equips his Spear.

There is a full 10 seconds of stunned silence. Then Sibiy sputtered and cursed at Fiancee. Fiancee spends the whole rest of the run meleeing with his new spear. At one point Sibiy misdirected his pull onto Fiancee. Much hilarity ensued.

They finish the run. No spear drop. Poor Sibiy.

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