Stupid Hunter Trick for Boss #1 in Steamvaults:

Hunter goes down into the pool and takes his pet to the far side of the pool and then tells him to stay (on passive)(or I guess you could make him aggressive..)(anything that isn’t defensive). Then goes back to join party.

Hunter misdirects onto his pet and then shoots the boss naga lady three times.

She slithers off, down the ramp, around the corner, across the pool and kills the pet (poor pet.. sporeling snacks make them feel better).

In the meantime the party kills off the two water elementals.

With good DPS the elementals can be killed before she gets back.

3 thoughts on “Stupid Hunter Trick for Boss #1 in Steamvaults:

  1. Crazy Trick. But if it works it works.

    Been at here three times now so far all good. Usually have a warlock and just banish one the elemental. DPS does the other. Tank the Boss and all is good.

  2. A little unneccesary, but cool. We just send the tank into the room, dps pulls the elementals down the ramp out of line of sight, healer (me) in between where I can cover both. DPS makes quick work of the elementals and as long as tank and me stay out of storms, healing pressure is fine. Then we pwn her. We may want to try this trick on heroic though.

  3. We had a group once where I was the hunter misdirecting the first boss in Steamvaults which worked out spectacular. I had misdirected my pet and left him down in the pool, went and attacked the boss with an aimed shot, and arcane shot, and a steady shot. We downed the 2 elemental’s rather quickly, my ped disappeared (I of course thought the boss had killed him) and the boss returned right as we downed the 2nd elemental. Then I realized that my pet hadn’t died but I had just gone to far into the boss’s room and my ped despawned. I hapily hit the “Call Pet” buton and brought my pet back to finish kicking her ass. It was the best Steamvaults run I have ever done.

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