We’re back in Kara again.. though we had almost all of the same players.. we definitely switched it up with the toons.

Last time we were in there we were: Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Raouen (Hunter), Pheefee (Warrior off-tank), Stiletta (Rogue), Amellea (Druid Healer), Knunn (Rogue), Tatia (Pally Healer), Drakus (Rogue), Sibiy (Hunter), Daegothh (Mage)

Gongniu had to pick up Raouen from the airport and they weren’t able to get on at all. We replaced them with Shaed (Warrior) and Novashaed (Mage) so switched out two players entirely.

Pheefee and Stiletta have been leveling priests since everyone says Kara is easier with Priests. So we lost a warrior off-tank and rogue and gained two (green) priests.

Since we were gaining two healers (and losing a tank) Amellea respec’d Feral and came in as our new off-tank.

Knunn decided three’s a crowd.. so he decided to bring his hunter, Fynriss, instead of his Rogue (more traps FTW).

Since we had two (green) priests as main heal it was decided that Tatia should off-heal.. and should DPS instead. Thank God I’ve been figuring out how to DPS as Holy. I’m further thankful that most of Kara is undead. I think I ran at about 379 DPS when I wasn’t healing. Now if only I could get Omen to work.

Drakus, Daegothh and Sibiy were the only truly unchanged toons.

It was like starting Kara all over again. It took us two tried to get Attuman down. I think it went much better once we put the Warrior on Attuman (for the disarm ability). He of course dropped [item]Handwraps of Flowing Thought[/item] and [item]Harbinger Bands[/item]. Dang clothies.

We didn’t quite down Moroes.. on our second try we got him down to 20%. I think we would have gotten it if we’d been able to try again.. but unfortunately we started to have respawn and decided to call it since it was nearly midnight.

Good night in Kara. I’m hopeful we’ll be able to do it again this week.. maybe on Wednesday.