Patch Surprises

I read the patch notes.. but sometimes the notes don’t give you the best idea of what to expect.

– LOVE the tracking. Seriously cuts 15-20 minutes out of my night just because I didn’t have to run to every house in Redridge looking for the food vendor to buy pet food.
– Sparkles on quest items. Some are bigger than others.. .. and really in Ashenvale the random environmental sparkles in the air mess with your ability to spot quest sparkles.. but all-in-all it’s a good thing.
– Quest turn in/pick ups on the map. Love it.
– Question marks over inanimate objects. Mixed feelings here. I loved it over the “Wanted” poster since it reminded me to pick it up.. but later on we were working in Darkshore on “The Master’s Glaive” quest. There’s a big dead old god.. and you have to go down into the crater around the dead god body.. kill cultists and retrieve a book. There’s two books.. both alike in visage. Before 2.3 you would randomly pick one.. The thing is, one of the books springs open and WHAPs you with a flying fist (a la Evil Dead) (funnier than hell). Post 2.3 the “right” book has a question mark over it.. kinda stealing the “which book is it” thunder. Overall… like the feature.
– On Tatia my +heal set now has more +spell than my previous +spell set. I’ll need to spend more time on it tonight.. but I have a feeling I’ll be disenchanting quite a lot of stuff.
– AuctioneerAdvanced scan of AH took 3 minutes. Seriously. Either it’s broken or I’m going to be scanning the AH constantly.
– LOVE the update to dropped loot. Nocc got [item]Impaling Harpoon[/item] from Deadmines on Sunday. Pre-patch it was 14.4 DPS and +7 Agility. Post-patch it’s 19.0 DPS and +12 Agility. It was a nice weapon before the patch.. now, it’s Godly.

– I’m hoping it’s just me.. but suddenly every single Monsterous Kalari is knocking me off my flying mount. It used to be they couldn’t catch you if you flew straight up.. now that just means that when they do knock me off my mount I’ll have that much further to fall. Not loving that.

– My bank toon guild “Learn To Play” bought a guild bank tab.. but then couldn’t give permissions to anyone else in the guild. I’m hoping this’ll be fixed soon. I really don’t want to have to mail everything from all my bank toons to the guild master of my bank of one.

Surprisingly, “enable out of date addons” worked well enough for me to play last night. Nocc got one level.. and went on mini-safari to pick up Claw and Cower. This morning Tatia did dailies. All good things.

7 thoughts on “Patch Surprises

  1. I didn’t notice that the Monstrous Kaliri knocked me off more, but I was hunting them for a Giant Kaliri Wing for a cooking quest. Funny how when you’re doing other things, those guys seem to be all over. When I was searching for them last night, it seemed that I actually had to hunt for them instead of tripping all over them.

  2. Most my UI’s didnt work logging in after the patch was back to vanilla WoW and it was a drag. My Auctioneer quit working as of the new patch so lost my months of data. I’m having to rebuild all my pricing data. So i downloaded the Auctioneer Advance for what i seem to read if i’m correct is that AuctioneerAdvance does background scan when your not even scanning. At least i think that’t what it says.

    It also says AuctioneerAdvance takes up less memory running that the previous Auctioneer. Only thing i’m wondering is the old Auctioneer Addon do you have to keep it or delete it? And if you delete it does it make any difference with the AuctioneerAdvance version? I noticed that if i did not have the old Auctioneer while having the New AuctioneerAdvance enabled that at AH i couldn’t see Auctioneer at all. So wondering what happens if if you just remove the old Auctioneer. Do you know?

  3. When I first logged on I was also back to vanilla wow. WOW, was that painful. Almost immediately I logged out, flipped over to the Addon page and put a check in “load out of date addons”. With the exception of Cartographer acting funny, everything else loaded.

    My understanding is that AuctioneerAdvanced is a replacement for Auctioneer. Think of them as two different addons. AuctioneerAdvanced is a total rewrite of Auctioneer.. it uses a lot less memory and is plug-in-able (think Fubar).

    AuctioneerAdvanced will not read the format of the scans from Auctioneer. You do not need to have Auctioneer installed to use AuctioneerAdvanced.

    When you goto the Auction House.. and you’re searching for a new sword.. all of the entries you bring up will be stored in the database maintained by AuctioneerAdvanced (passive scanning).

    You should still kick off active scanning to scan everything in the AH.

    If you weren’t me.. and you weren’t impatient you’d run Auctioneer and AuctioneerAdvanced in parallel and conduct scans with both for a couple weeks. That way you will build up a good set of scans with AuctioneerAdvanced. On the other hand, if you are me.. then you would have deleted Auctioneer (memory sucking hog that it is) and replaced it with AuctioneerAdvanced.. and just put up with the idea that your pricing data was going to be wacky for a while.

  4. Cartographer got an update this morning (Thursday), and when I logged in it seemed I was getting fewer errors (none of which, before or after the update, were show-stoppers–but I hadn’t gone farming, either).

    AucAdv — the Appraiser tab appears to be fubar. Hoping for an update soon! If the scanning works as you indicate, Nibuca, I’d like to see it interface with, say ItemSync. As it is, with over 7K items logged in ItemSync now, searches there take 5 sec or so…rather disconcerting when everything freezes for that long!

  5. WRT scan speed

    I kicked off a scan last night.. it was forecast to run for 26 mins. So.. not sure how fast these things will end up going.

    I downloaded Auctioneer Advanced yesterday and posted a bunch of items later that evening. It seems to be working for me.. but I am missing the fancy Auctioneer search tab.. and bottomscanner. Oh well.

  6. A lot of my UI addons still don’t work. Cartographer works it seems but lots of the plugin don’t seem to be updated. I know my Fubar is totally well fubar as its not working at all, nor the plugins either.

    At least my UI frame is functional and bartender is working so its half working. I have a MacAceUpdater thats auto updates but lots of my addons i had to manually update and seem to be updating daily.

    I’ve gotten AuctioneerAdvance to scan. But it seem tricky how you get it to scan. Sometimes it seem to freeze up when you do a scan. Only way i seem to get it to scan is to click on a Ah search in one the groups and hit search and then after hit scan and it seen to do it in a min or two. Maybe thats just mine but only way i seem to get it to work. It does show all the pages its searching and count down the time remaining to scan. Since dealing with all these UI problems i just went and played my alts for last few days. At least i gotten my Hunter on another realm from 22 to 28.

  7. I finally got my UI to work close to as intended though not quite but close. Had to delete all my Fubar addons and reinstall the ones that are updated. Turns out it was my Fubar2 addon that was creating the problem so now its fixed. I find the newest version of AuctioneerAdvance is working better than the previous on the scanning. Think it was updad today.

    While updating addons i added a few while playing around on my Hunter alt and i found these to addons interesting at least on the Hunter it was.

    Cooldown Timer 2
    Ready Spells

    Cooldown Timer 2 seem to work like Chronometer. Looks very nice. Ready Spells shows big signs that spells are ready if i remember correctly. Both was interesting look while playing my Hunter.

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