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Nerfed Content

Got home late last night.. and figured I’d knock off the very last Ashenvale quest in Entropy’s questlog. There’s something satisfying about clearing out the log for an area.

I’ve had the quest for a while.. and in fact I’d tried it when I was level ~29. The quest was “Never Again!“. Essentially someone at Splintertree post wants you to go into the demon infested area to kill two named mobs.

At 29 Entropy was able to kill her way into the area and almost all the way up to the first named guy. He was guarded by Succubus-looking demons (not too hard to kill singly) .. and had a pack of about 5 felhound ranging around the area. I felt that at level 29 I could take the dogs one at a time but 5 was going to be too many. So I put -that- quest on hold and moved on to another area figuring I’d come back to this quest later.

Now, 4 levels later, I decided that it was time to knock off my very last Ashenvale quest. That quest was finally gold instead of orange.

I figured I’d try it once with my VoidWalker.. and then if that didn’t work I figured I’d get more creative (Enslave one.. Banish another… … Kill one.. run away.. kill another.. ). It was exhilarating.. it made me think more creatively. It was more interesting than “Kill one, then kill the next one.. then kill the next one”.

I fought my way to the area where the feldogs roam and then combed the area looking for them. They weren’t there. I -think- the pack of feldogs was removed with patch 2.3 in order to make this quest easier to complete in solo.

I did finish the quest.. and it really wasn’t terribly hard.. I almost felt cheated. I wanted to test my mettle against unimaginable odds and emerge the victor. I wanted to kill this pack of 5 feldogs just to be able to say that I did it. Instead.. I completed the quest.. and moved on.

Don’t get me wrong.. I love the accelerated leveling.. but I’m starting to feel a bit cheated. By leveling faster I have less time to figure out my skills.. and by removing all the “hard” content I have no reason to get creative with my skills. That kinda sucks.

There’s a thrill of accomplishment that come when you can kill elites. Defeating that gold dragon is satisfying. I’m going to miss it.

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  • I too felt cheated the other day when I was playing around with my rogue alt in hillsbrad. For any of my characters, I loved to complete the quests around dun gurak because all those dwarves and the quests involving their base, gives a large chunk of xp. So normally I have to find a group willing to do this with my character due to all the dwarfs and the elites. But this time I went in and soloed all the quests in there, including the fight with captain Iron Hill. It was always epic for me to have a group come in and fight this guy while we had like 6 other dwarves to take care of at once. But nope. Went in, finished, went out and headed off to 1k needles for more leveling fun.

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