State of the UI: Late Nov 2007

The last “State of the UI” caused me to examine my UI and identify a few things that annoyed me.



Starting at the top.

Prat: On the far left is Prat. It prettifies the chat box. I’m not entirely sold on it. It has some nice features.. but no real “Oh God, I can’t live without it�. The color coding of /trade chat with the chatters class/level is nice.. but other than that.. it’s kinda “Meh�.

Fubar: Across the top you see FuBar. From left to right you see:
ExperienceFu, MoneyFu, DurabilityFu, topScoreFu, ToFu (flight timer), QuestFu, DPSFu, MailFu, eeShards, AlarmClockFu, TCGTradeSkillsFu (mouseover shows my tradeskill levels for all of my toons and clicking on the icons triggers -that- tradeskill for this toon).

I also have a bottom bar.. but it only shows up on mouseover. On that I have AddonSpamfu, BagFu, and performancefu

On the top-right I show TourGuide – Questing guide for more efficient leveling. The current addon has no way to turn it off so if it’s on for -this- toon it’s always on the screen.. I believe the author is addressing that.

Omen: Back on the left-hand side I have Omen, my threat meter. It’s in beta but has gotten more stable recently. I still find that once or twice an instance run I have to reload my UI to get me to show up in omen. It’s getting better though.

MetaHud and Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text: The center of the screen, around my toon is my Hud. I use meta hud for the bars and targeting info.. and Mik’s Scrolling Battle Text to show and label the incoming and outgoing hits/heals. This part of the UI hasn’t changed in a long time.

On the far right I’m using SimpleMiniMap to change the map to square.

AuraMap: The circles in the minimap show my range and my auras. This is using the addon AuraMap. The red circle is at 30′ (aura/cleanse range) and the yellow circle is at 40′ (heal range).

DepositBox: The padlock icon on the minimap is for DepositBox. I’ve written that addon up before. It hides my money from me.. and prevents me from spending it. All good things.

Karma – Addon to give karma points to people so you can track your relationship to them

Pitbull – I’m using pitbull to manage my unit frames. Shown on the screen from left-to-right is my pet, target of pet, player, target, and target of target. Pitbull, Dotimer and Quartz are all using the “Outline” bar texture from SharedMedia.

Bartender3, Dr. Damage and OmniCC: Below Omen is my button bar. I’m using Bartender3 to manage my buttons. Shown is my main “I’m fighting� buttons. If I hold down CTRL this button bar completely updates to a new set of 20 buttons. Those are my Curses (on my warlock or Blessings on my Paladin). If I hold down ALT the button bar completely updates again to a totally new set of 20 buttons. ALT is my “need buttons for it but do’t need to see it all the time� buttons. Things like my enchant/disenchant buttons… bandages, etc.

Also sprinkled around the screen is 4 more button bars that only show when you mouse over them. Over by the minimap is the bar that holds all my triggered abilities (unending breath, Demon armor, auras etc). The bar only shows when I wave my mouse over it.

The yellow numbers on the bottom center of the buttons are from Dr. Damage. I think it’s showing the average damage from that attack.

If something was on cooldown then OmniCC would show the countdown on the button.

Dotimer: To the right of the button bar is the CoolDown timers from Dotimer. Dotimer also is responsible for the .. dot timer that is just to the right of Grid. This is useful on my Paladin.. and indispensible on my warlock. I’ve turned off the “Communication� module of Dotimer to keep it’s spammy-ness from messing with Omen.

Quartz: Quarts is showning the casttime of my Drain Life.

Grid and Clique: At the bottom center of the screen is Grid. I’ve installed Grid, GridAlert, GridSideIndicators, GridStatusAFK, and GridStatusPvP.

I use Clique combined with Grid to heal on my Paladin.

At this point, looking at grid I can tell that Calmfury and Tanggrave have aggro(red dot in the upper-left-hand corner of their boxes). They’re also both currently cursed(purple dot in the upper-right-hand corner of their boxes). Calmfury also has the thorns buff on him (green dot in the upper-middle of the box). Tanggrave is down 700 health.. which I’d worry about if his target wasn’t just about dead and if he didn’t already have a renew on him.. and Entropy (me) is down 366 health.. which is probably why I’m doing a drain life instead of a shadowbolt (which I really should do because it looks like the Nightfall proc is going to wear off in 7 seconds).

Not shown but critical:
PallyPower: On my Paladin on the far right is PallyPower. This tremendously eases blessing management.
EquipCompare – Compare new item to worn item
TBag – Bag management.

Not shown but terribly useful:
AuctioneerAdvanced and Enchantrix – The Auction House mods.
BigWigs – Used in raids to give info about what a boss is going to do next and when.
Cartographer – Mapping mod.
HealPoints & TankPoints – Helps to quantify the difference between items.
Mobinfo2 – How many of these have you killed, how many kills to level, what have they dropped for you.. “where do I find XXX itemâ€? searchable database.
RatingBuster – Translates “22 crit strike ratingâ€? to “+1% Critâ€?
Recount – Damage meter
Jim’s Cooldown Pulse – Addon to “pulseâ€? buttons on your screen when their cooldown is up.
ToolTip Wrangler – For moving the tooltips

For warlocks:
GrimoireKeeper – So when you goto the Demon trainer already-known grimoire’s show up in a different color so you don’t buy them twice.

CloseUp – Allows you to zoom in on your toon in the dressing room.
GFW_Linkerator – Allows you to type [hammer of destiny] into chat and have it show up as a clickable item.

Addons under consideration but not currently installed:
CowTip – To change the information/format of the tooltip

2 thoughts on “State of the UI: Late Nov 2007

  1. Great looking UI.
    any chance of you zipping it up to make it easier for others to try it out?

  2. Hi Ian!

    It’s weird when work and play collide.

    I’ll see if I can put it together.. but I’m not going to support it. So use at your own risk, don’t contact me.. if it’s broke I’m not gonna fix it, it worked for me.. all that jazz.

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