BigRedKitty is an evil Bastard! and I don’t mean it in a nice way. (yes, BRK I see you clicking back on the Technorati links.. don’t think that I don’t see you!)

Everytime I’m grouped with .. well with a Huntard.. I gently nudge them to goto BigRedKitty, drink the coolaid, learn from the master.. become less of a dead-weight on my game. Everytime!

Huntards with a slight clue look to BRK for guidance. All the other classes breathed a sigh of relief. At last.. someone with the knowledge and the skill had taken all huntards to-hand and was showing them the light.. helping them to better themselves.. and to be better partners in instances. It was lovely.. Oh Oh Oh! and then there was movies! There was the sound of rejoicing.


While questing with V and Rockstar in Westfall we were discovered by a pair of Tauren hunters. We’re on a PVE server.. they were flagged PVP. I told Rockstar and V, “Just don’t click on them.. ignore them, they’ll go away”.

Then those bastard huntards threw down a snake trap.. and I thought to myself, “Huh, why are there a bunch of red names by those hunters.” Then I remembered… I’d skimmed the article by BRK. Over vent I screamed “RUN” to all our lowbie toons. It was chaos. There was death.

I . Was . So . Mad!!!

Words can’t express how mad I was. I won’t say it’s all his fault.. but DAMNIT! He’s supposed to be leading them down the good path.. not teaching them how to be BASTARDS!

The good news is it pissed off most of the West Kingdom guild.. They abandoned their current projects and descended on Westfall in a vengeful wave of 70s. They camped the hordies until the hordies refused to log in anymore.. then they flew off to defend Goldshire.. and finally the Tram. It was a vengeful wave of ferocious beauty.


2 thoughts on “OH, BTW…

  1. It’s not BRK’s fault. I discovered the bug the day before he did. After finishing Zul’Amon, I explored the map and wandered into the Blood Elf city by accident.

    I dropped a snake trap intending to take out their lowbie NPC guards when all of a sudden, my trap (with 30% more snakes!) went nuts and practically wiped out a swath of the city, NPCs and non-pvp-flagged lowbies alike. A lightbulb went on above my head and I laid a single-man (and million snakes) seige on the city. It was hella fun.

    If you’re Alliance and want to feel like a hunter god, I highly recommend visting the blood elf capital. Low population and low levels = high level of fun!

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