Impish by nature

Sloth and Stuffing

The holiday is a blur. I remember food, leveling, more food, leftovers, lowbies.. and pie. MMM pie. I leveled 3 new toons and deleted two toons (an old toon and one of the newly leveled toons). WTB more toon slots.

Early last week Fiancee downloaded and tried the 14 day free trial of EVE online. The space ships are … um.. techie and the space views are very gorgeous.. but well… it’s very empty in space. It seems odd that you can spend hours tweaking the size of the forehead of your avatar when you’ll never really see it again.

Anyway, Fiancee tried EVE because Rockstar played EVE. Rockstar is the husband of the gal we got into WoW last week (V). Rockstar resisted WoW because he just isn’t into the “Fairies and elves and things”. BUT even when he was on EVE he was logging into our Vent server to listen to our WoW chatter.

Fiancee tried EVE.. so Rockstar tried WoW. That lasted for I think two days.. and then V bought Rockstar a copy of the game while shopping on Black Friday. I’m pretty sure he’s well and truly hooked. We’ll see how it plays out.

We’re really good friends with Rockstar and V and we want to smooth out any wrinkles in the game.. and help them to enjoy the game (and keep playing with us) so we rolled up new toons to play with them. For Rockstar’s first toon he choose an undead warlock. I can’t abide undead so I rolled a BE warlock and made a quick run to the undead starter area. V also rolled an undead warlock. Fiancee rolled an undead warrior (something to tank and keep the baddies off the squishy warlocks). V and Rockstar seemed to enjoy the toons. We played until an unreasonably late hour and made it to level 7. (Two days later I had to delete this new level 7 to make room for a new-new toon)

On Friday Rockstar again logged on.. and was convinced to roll an alliance toon. He choose a Dwarf Rogue. Fiancee and I joined him again. Fiancee rolled a Human mage (he’s never played a mage past level 5 before) and I (deleted my horde-side bank toon and) rolled another gnome warlock (Yes, I really like warlocks.. is that a problem?). We played these toons for most of Friday and part of Sunday. At the moment they’re at around level 14.

On Saturday V logged in and wanted to try out a Draenei Shaman (when Rockstar got WoW, V got BC). I (deleted my level 7 BE warlock I’d made the day before and) rolled a Draenei Mage to accompany her. We made it to level 7 before Rockstar and Fiancee logged in. Then we changed over to playing other toons.

In addition to all of these new toons, Entropy, my official-horde-side warlock went from level 33 to level 36 and got 225 cooking. Illyah, my horde-side paladin made it from level 44 to the guild level cap of 45 and finally got alchemey to 300. Tatia also attempted Heroic Hillsbrad (ouch), Heroic Mana Tombs (ouch), and finished a regular Mana Tombs and two regular Shattered Halls.

I -did- go outside the house briefly.. I had to clean out the birds’ cage.. and I stepped outside the front door to dump out the seeds. Yes, other than that the entire holiday was spent in the computer room. Our sloth level is high.

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