Kara again

Boring status report. Move along.

Monday is Kara. We were: Gongniu (Warrior MT), Amellea (Druid OT), Tatia (MTH), Zynnia (OTH), Ireena (Shadow Priest), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Floki (Rogue), Krullwyn (MM Hunter), Daegothh (Mage), and Shoktul (Boomkin).

Attuman down first shot. He dropped [item]Steelhawk Crossbow[/item] (aka: Squished Bug Crossbow) for Krullwyn and [item]Worgen Claw Necklace[/item] for Floki. Seriously, what dead horse do you have to kick to get some plate around here?
Bat boss down second shot. No, I don’t think pulling the bat boss with his add is such a good idea. That knockback is what got us. He’d knock up back.. out of healing range.. and then we’d pull adds from the next room. The second attempt was much easier. I got my back up against a wall and was in-range for healing but out-of-range for his silences. He dropped leather boots which Shoktul got.
Maiden down second shot. The first time I think she and I were on the same schedule for BoS/Repentance. Her Repentance went off when I had 2 seconds left on BoS. Second attempt went much better. She dropped [item]Mitts of the Treemender[/item] for Shoktul and [item]Bands of Indwelling[/item] for Zynnia.

At 11:30 we called it as we had other things to work on. A few of us spent a little while helping Shoktul to upgrade his gear. We like him and we really want him to be a good addition to the team. Tatia was able to get 1 point in enchanting. 355 now. *sigh* what a PITA.