You’ve got mail

I have to say I’m loving the bulk mailing that was added with patch 2.3. Not so much the bulk part of it (I had that by using CTmail) but the part where it bundles the items up into a single package… AND you can label the package.

This has made sorting through incoming mail on my alliance-side bank toon much easier. She simply opens anything labled “Vault” and ferries it off to the guild-of-one vault for safekeeping. Then open anything labeled “DE” and disenchant it to dust. Then anything labeled “AH” gets opened and she throws it all up on the auction House. Much much easier than trying to sort through it all in the box before.

This has become especially important to me on the Horde side since I was forced to delete my dedicated bank toon. Being able to bundle everything up has allowed me to keep the mailboxes of my playing toons somewhat clean. That said.. I don’t think I can stand being without a bank toon for too much longer. I foresee a shakeup in my toons coming shortly.

Because of 2.3 I was able to delete CTmail. Unfortunately I found that I really missed the “open selected” and “open all” features. I didn’t want to have CT installed just for -part- of the CTmail.. so I downloaded BulkMail2Inbox from WowAce. This allows me to see at a glance, everything in my inbox.. and to take items individually.. or to check mark items and then take only those that are checked. So far it’s making me happy.