Tatia is 70. She’s hearthed on the Scryer tier. She hangs out in Shattrath and cycles through Hellfire Citadel, Coilfang Reservoir, Auchendoun, and Tempest Keep. Occasionally she travels back to Azeroth and makes a bee-line for either the Caverns of Time or Medivh’s Tower (Kara).

Tatia has no reason to visit Westfall. She was there briefly in her younger days.. but since about level 28 has had no reason to go back. She never visited Azshara. A couple of loops through the Plaguelands saw her to 58 and into the Outlands so there was never a reason to go to Azshara.

The layout of the leveling portion of the game causes us to realize it’s a game. Even if you love the look of it, you can’t stay in Feralas because you will level past the critters there and not be able to level any more. Even then.. you have no reason to go back..aside form the occasional tradeskill that sends you there.

In a way it’s a little bit sad and a little bit unrealistic. As I walk to work in the morning I see grade schoolers (level 2’s) on their way to school. As I round the corner I see the gas attendant (level 18) and finally I get into the line for the car pool (level 40’s). At lunch I go out and although I don’t see any lower levels (I’m in downtown San Francisco) but I do still see all kinds of levels of people around me.. from the little bitty intern (28) to the AVP of Marketing picking up a quick sandwich while using his bluetooth on a conference call (lvl 65 I’m sure).. to homeless people begging in the streets (Plz gief 1g).

This variety is lost in the game. When I look around, unless I’m standing in a major city I’m pretty much assure to see mobs and toons within +/-8 levels of my level nearby. If I don’t then I know I’m in the wrong place.

Once I’m leveled past a place I have no reason to go back to it.. and it means that at 70 my world is actually a very small place. It’s condensed down to a couple of dungeons and an hour of dailies. Considering the variety available in the game.. I’m sorry to lose it at the end of the game.

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  1. My level 50ish hunter, who has been questing off in the Hinterlands and Tanaris, was recently asked to go to Sen’jin Village in the south of Durotar as part of a quest chain. The nearest flight path was all the way north in Orgrimmar, which meant riding my mount across the length of the area, where a lot of the newer characters (in the early teens and lower) were questing. It was so much fun! It was like coming home, in a way, since she quested in this area herself as a young Orc.

    As I rode through Razor Hill and on to Sen’jin, I waved to the newer characters that I saw, and I actually felt a little bit emotional when I finally arrived in Sen’jin Village. I slowed my mount to a walk, to savor the moment as I approached the troll there I needed to talk with.

    I admit when I first got the quest and heard where I needed to go, I thought, “oh great… all the way over there? sheeeesh.” But now, I kind of wish the game would ask me to revisit these old areas a little more often. Somehow, it adds a little bit of meaning, a little bit more dimension. I’m sorry to hear there isn’t more of this in the later game.

  2. I think that’s part of the reason I first enjoyed doing the daily cooking quests. They send you to random places to gather the required cooking materials. Even if you have them all stocked, you still have to visit the zone and specific location to gather/cook the actual quest item.

    So, while it’s neat to visit all of those zones, I think it would be a pain if I had to run back to Azeroth. Imagine if they sent you off to Silithus as Alliance. Hearth to Shatt, port to Darn, 15-minute flight path, and then start gathering. Yeah… that doesn’t sound appealing at all. Let’s just keep it in Outlands, mmm kay?

  3. Great analogy as said first by Kinless also.

    Wow immitating Life or Life seem like WoW. I’ve related things in WoW to real life sometimes or other way around. Kinda feel like the Matrix.

  4. I often thought that they should send you back to the lowbie areas occassionally for a revisit. A higher level cabal making it’s home in an out of the way place maybe, or a secret door in the midst of a lower level instance. I’m not sure they’d even have to change the level of the mobs. I’m a firm believer that now and then you should visit lower level areas just to kill stuff and reaffirm how much progress you’ve made.

    If you’re level 58, new to outlands and it’s kicking your butt, take a trip back to old Durotar, The Barrens or the Elwynn Forest, visit places that really cracked your nut on the way up, and pwn them. Revel in your power and realize that at some point you’ll overcome the latest challenge too.

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