Red Rover Red Rover…

Maybe it’s because we’re casual.. but on Monday we spent a really long time talking about who should be in which group with whom for the Kara run.

It start off so innocently. Grimr decided to play Floki his Dwarf Rogue instead of Sibiy his Draenei Hunter. This meant that the other group had no melee Draenei for the 1% to hit bonus. Fiancee said he’d like to be in the group with Tatia (Draenei Pally) to get the 1% back (which now that I think of it is very weird since he’s maxed out his +hit).

So we looked at re-arranging the groups. I kid you not… we spent 10 minutes arguing about this.. before some of us just gave up and went with what we had. Even though I don’t think it was setup in the best way.

Group makeup: 1 rogue, 2 hunters, 1 mage, 1 boomkin, 1 shadowpriest, 1 priest, 1 draenei holy paladin, 1 warrior, 1 feral druid

Draenei Holy Pally(Tatia): Pally auras, 1% to hit
Boomkin(Shoktul): Moonkin aura (adds spell crit)
Shadow priest(Ireena): Mana battery goodness
Priest(Zynnia): heals she can only cast on those in her party
Beast Master Hunter (Fynriss): Ferocious inspiration adds damage to party

I -think- the best grouping would be boomkin+mage+shadow priest+MM Hunter+priest and the other group as warrior+BM Hunter+feral druid+holy pally+rogue.

This gives the pally aura to the tanks (where it will do the most good) and the 1% hit to help them keep aggro and on the rogue. It also keeps the priest in the DPS group where her group heal (which is limited to her party) will do the most good.

1 thought on “Red Rover Red Rover…

  1. As a raid leader I would have set the groups up;

    Group 1: Warrior, Feral Druid, Rogue, MM Hunter, Pally
    Group 2: Casters and BM Hunter

    The reason I’d swap the hunters from your setup is that the MM hunters TSA would apply to the melee DPSers, and the BM’s FI would apply to the casters. With your setup the MM’s TSA is a waste.

    Lurking Daily,

    Brodir of Blackhand

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