Just disenchant it..

Patch 2.3 came out. Suddenly I’ve got all this lovely spell damage on my healing gear. Without swapping clothes or weapons Tatia had more spell damage in her healing set than she did in her +spell set. It was glorious. I mulled it over for a few days and then went to the bank.. and banked my spell set and withdrew my tanking set. And I left it at that.

So my bank is no more empty than it was before the patch.. but now I wander around with my tanking set taking up bag space instead of my spell set. Granted I haven’t used my tanking set yet… but I could… It’s at 487 defense…

I don’t think I’m just being lazy.. it’s just hard to look at my acquired-through-sweat-and-tears spell gear and just blithely smash it to the magical essences it’s made of. There’s also that moment.. when I’m standing in front of the bank teller.. and I’m looking at the items when I think to myself “yeah, but {spell item X} actually has more +spell than {equivalent heal item}”. I keep thinking that someday I’ll need it… and I’ll kick myself that I DEd it. *sigh*

Or maybe I just need to do it. Accept the fact that Tatia’s DPS is mediocre but in the same gear she’s a healing goddess.. and smash the barely-better +spell set into shards. It -would- be nice to have bank space. Novel even.

4 thoughts on “Just disenchant it..

  1. Pallies are great at not dying and making other people not die. Why do you have to sweat making other people and things die so much? What are you, a Mage?

    I kid, I kid.

    But, no, I’m totally serious.

  2. ‘Cause every morning I do dailies.. and every morning I’m reminded of how pisspoor my DPS is when fiancee on his Rogue says “no, you go get a different Abysmal Flamebringer.” so instead of both of us killing this one we kill different ones.. or rather.. I kill one and he kills two. Then I heal us both.

  3. I keep ALL my good gear both Tanking and Spell Damage gear for mix and match. You never know what you will need those gear pieces for to change things up as needed at least untill you get real superior gear.

  4. Meh, keep your tanking gear, seriously. I know a few Holydins at the SSC and later level who are required to play AoE add controller in place of a Tankadin. Having the gear ready (and keep adding to it with unwanted kara drops) will leave you in a healthier place to assume this role.

    Who knows, you might even get to go play tankadin at some point again. 😉

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