Are Warlocks Evil?

Are warlocks naturally evil? Is it just the nature of the class?

Last night on venti we got to talking about Warlocks… one person brought up the fact that in another game (I think Everquest) you didn’t want to play a warlock because sometimes the vendors wouldn’t deal with you.. because you were evil. She argued that there’s no such penalty in Warcraft.. no matter your class, the vendors will still talk with you. I countered that the example was flawed.. because warlocks aren’t evil.

Warlocks get all the same quests that everyone else does.. aside from the class quests. So in all other quests the Warlock is as-good or as-evil as every other class.

In the class specific quests..

I do know that the Undead/Blood Elf version of the Succubus quest sends you off to kill two humans and retrieve their hearts (Hearts as tokens of love)… it’s a little bit gross. But really.. no different than any other kill/gather quest.. well except that they’re humans.. and you’re bringing back their heart… ok.. so maybe Blood Elf and Undead are a little bit evil. I’m sure they could avoid this by doing the Orc version of the quests… ah yes.. go save Dorogan.. but he’s too hurt.. so retrieve his necklace instead. So if you do the Orc version.. no more evil.. if you do the Undead version.. ok.. maybe a tiny bit evil.

Outside of quests Warlocks have the same opportunites as other classes to kill random creatures. Is the warlock -more- evil because I use “Corruption” on every single bunny rabbit/toad I see instead of stabbing it with my sword? I think not. So the Warlock is no more evil than any other class when it comes to killing critters.

Demons are evil. Warlocks subjugate demons and force them to do good (well, at least to do quests). Therefore Warlocks are good.

So there you go.. Warlocks (except for undead and blood elf ones) are good.

15 thoughts on “Are Warlocks Evil?

  1. Nopers. Wrong. I am evil. Constantly evil. I need Evil Checks constantly to stay in this whole Alliance thing.

    I suck the life and soul out of random mobs. And devour those souls as a reagent to kill others to suck out their souls.

    There is not a snake, rat, spider, cat, or rabbit that I have not whacked with my staff. Pretty proud that it is the way I level up my melee abilities.

    To answer a new Pallies question after I soulstoned him
    [Pally] So whose soul am I getting?
    [Me] Your brothers.

    You are just confused about the whole not evil thing because I am cute. I get away with more.

  2. Evil is just a matter of perspective. Do the means justify the end? Yes, you get a cool succubus.

  3. Warlocks subjugate demons to do their bidding. Warlocks do the bidding of their Masters………………….. the player pulling the strings at the keyboard. So who really is the evil one?

  4. So.. Kat is evil therefore all warlocks are evil. I don’t buy it.. Somewhere there’s a good warlock.. you know like the good warlock of the west.. she grants wishes.. and only dots the evil fiends. Yeah.. I believe that 😛

  5. Warlocks summon Demons to do their bidding. Since Demons are portrayed in the Warcraft Universe and unambiguously evil, then the best you can hope for is a Warlock who is misguidedly trying “to fight fire with fire”. (A more accurate description would be playing with a lit blowtorch and a can of Gasoline.)

    That said, most Warlocks who try to RP as Warlocks on my server do generally play self-conciously evil jerks or nutcases. As a Paladin, I see them as I might see a Flamethrower: devastating to my enemies, potentially dangerous to me and generally best kept at arms length.

    Geez, enough fire metaphors in that post?

  6. Maybe locks are evil, maybe they aren’t…I think for the most part they’re corrupted at the very least. I mean, that’s what fel magic DOES in the Warcraft universe, pretty much without fail. I’ll also dispute that those who do the belf/UD version of the succubus quest are just a little bit evil–they’re not merely taking the hearts of two men, they’re purposely going after two of the most good-hearted men on the planet. That’s pretty damn evil. Maybe locks don’t go around kicking puppies and eating kittens, but they mess with forces that time and time again have shown themselves to corrupt their users and pose a grave threat to Azeroth. They deserve to be shunned by the general populace on that basis alone (and yes I have a lock, and yes I did the orc version of the succy quest because I couldn’t stomach the belf version even if it is just a game).

  7. That’s really dumb. I hate the concept of good and evil because it’s all perceptive. If I killed a man, I’d be evil – no matter what. Derp derp christian way of thinking, derp derp.

  8. Hi Arntor,

    Did you read the post?

    I didn’t mention christianity.. but I will mention that Christianity isn’t the only religion that says “don’t kill”. It’s kind of universally accepted.

    The post asked if warlocks, because of the nature of their class, are naturally “evil”. The previous responses seemed to indicate that it’s the personality of the individual warlocks that dictates their “evilness”.

  9. I never said you mentioned anything about Christianity. I’m saying the entire concept of good & evil is just dumb in my opinion. Buddhism, Hinduism, and others use it as well but nowhere near as in-depth as Christianity. ANYWAY, I’m saying warlocks are neither good, nor evil (as I don’t believe there is a difference). If I had to take a perceptional point of view, I’d have to say they’re “good” because they are allies to us, using the Burning Legion’s powers- against them.

  10. Well there you go. -That- sounds reasonably well reasoned.

    I’m personally on the wall. I believe warlocks are good intentioned.. but as roleplayed by many people some warlocks do “evil” things.

  11. When I play my 2 locs I play them as dual personality skitzos on purpose….so I can say that for the past few years…I am partially to blame for the bad loc rep. After all it’s RP….isn’t it. Locs are not really evil. Yes we are….hush….let me speak…shaddup when I’m typing you’re not even logged in…why you ungreatfull…..

  12. Death is a joke to the Forsaken, so I guess we’re evil then. “Lawl, it’s twitching…”

  13. @Arn
    so you are saying that if I enjoyed inflicting pain on others- which I actually admit to that I am not an mean spirited person and therefore have an evil aspect to my personality. I get kicks out of insulting people but I don’t like to hurt animals because I find that they are cute, isn’t that the slightest bit twisted?

  14. Sorry to post again, but isn’t it the part of ones personality that they are apathetic to decide whether something is truly evil or not? If I decided I wanted to eat your little sister because……it was Thursday and I did that sorta stuff on Thursdays, would that make it right because I had no ill intention in doing so?

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