Trinket Macros

I’m pretty sure I’ve been living under a rock.. but yesterday I -finally- figured this out. I have several outfits that change depending on the circumstances (Outfitter does the changing). Each outfit has its own trinkets. Some of these trinkets have “Use:…” abilities and I need them to show up to remind me to use them. If I don’t see…

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Tempest Keep Revered

This was the weekend of instancing. I think I did three full runs of Shattered halls, one run of Mechanar and one full Black Morass. Additionally Ette, my warlock, finally hit 45. Fiancee was after.. um.. idaknow.. probably something Beast Lord-y that drops in Shattered Halls. Through the runs I picked up [item]Lightsworn Hammer[/item]. It’s a nice replacement for the…

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.. and then there was chaos

Patch 2.3 trembles on the edge of existance… even though it’s not entirely here we feel the static charge that ruffles the hairs along the back of your neck heralding its presence. Fiancee and friend report logging in.. getting disconnected.. having toons randomly deleted.. missing gear.. naked tunes.. 70’s becoming level 1s.. lambs lying down with lions. Chaos I say.…

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WoW player rating

I think WoW needs to take lessons from EBay. Especially now when anyone can change their names willy-nilly. Users should have some way to rate their fellow players. Or at least make notes about them. I don’t want to -ignore- him.. but I do want to add a note to bad-hunter from last night’s Mech so I know why I…

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Dailies and Mech

I almost did dailies yesterday. I’ve been trying to do dailies in the evening. The problem is I can’t log on until 7.. and by then everyone’s ready to start something. So I put them off until the end of the night.. but the last run through the instance usually ends at 11:30-12:30 and by then I just want to…

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Lovin’ for the Ret

So Blizzard is updating Fanaticism so that the threat reduction is only active when Righteous Fury is -not- up… Yeah for all those Ret tanks. I wonder if that means that if you’re Ret.. and your Righteous Fury drops in the middle of the fight.. I guess you spiral wildly down the aggro list.


Pirates Beware!

I had the pleasant surprise of being over powered last night. It was new and exciting. Of course I was playing Ette, my warlock. Someday I’d like to feel overpowered on my Paladin. Ette’s following Tourguide and just got sent to Tanaris. She picked up a bunch of quests and started whaling on Thieves and Brigands. At the same time…

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