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And as quick as that *snap* it all changes! So I wrote here about West Kingdom guild. Summary: we’re a guild of folks who play in the SCA and know each other in real life. We’re small.. but because of our stringent recruitment requirements we’re resolved to that.

Yesterday that all changed.

Well to be truthful, yesterday we made the moves to make it all change. One guildie logged on and seemed a little down when we asked him why he was down he told us that he had recently logged back into his horde-side 70 on another server.. only to find that his horde-side guild had progressed all the way to fighting the last boss of Zul’Aman. He was sad that he wasn’t geared enough on his horde-side toon to join them in ZA and he was further saddened that West Kingdom hasn’t even completed Kara yet.. so ZA is way way off on the horizon. In essence he was lamenting our lack of progression.

This sparked one of the better discussions we’ve had in the guild.

Identified problems:
– We have only 11 active players with toons at 70. This means we will never be able to do a guild-only run at 25-man dungeons.
– Having only 11 players leaves us with very little slack for scheduling. Pretty much everyone has to be present and participating in order to do 10-man dungeons.
– Our strict recruitment policy has prevented us from recruiting our non-SCA friends into the guild even when those non-SCA folks are good people that are good players.
– We don’t want to open the guild to everyone. We like the low-drama quality that we currently have and love the fact that we feel we can trust everyone in the guild. Recruiting more people brings in more possibility for drama and also brings in people we don’t know.. and don’t initially trust.

In the end we as a group decided to make the following changes:

– All guild ranks will be removed and current active players will be consolidated into one rank called “Grand Council”. Several ranks below Grand Council will be added. Any new guild members will be added to these other ranks.
– The guild bank will have one tab that’s accessible to all members of the guild. The other tabs will be accessible only to members of the Grand Council and the Guild Master. One player has volunteered to manage the guild bank, organizing items and rotating in/out auctions as necessary.
– The Guild Events Coordinator (that’s me) will schedule a run on a lower-level dungeon (thinking Onyxia) for the guild. All loot from this run will go directly into the guild or be sold to fill the guild coffer. This will need to be a recurring event in order to generate money for the guild bank.
– Players may buy armor/weapons from the guild bank by paying the disenchant value of the item to the bank. Other things may be bought from the guild bank for 1/2 of the going Auction House price.
– Loot rules have been changed. During a run, if BOP item is dropped that no one needs, it will be sharded and saved by the enchanter in the group. At the end of the run shards will be distributed to any player on the run who hasn’t yet gotten an item from that run. Excess shards will be distributed according to a random roll. If, in a single dungeon run, two items-of-use drop for a player then the player must pay “shard price” to the person in the run who would have gotten the shard otherwise.
– All previous guild rules are discarded. In its place we have a new rule #1:
No Drama
(It’s still a good idea to not listen to Fearghus.. and never auto-follow on Grimr (he will get you killed))
– Grand Council members will be allowed to recruit non-SCA players into the guild. The recruiter will be considered the sponsor of the new player and will be responsible for the actions of the new recruit.
– A policy of “three strikes and you’re out” will be instituted. Ninja Looting and introducing Drama are two examples of things that can get you strikes. At the third strike you’ll be /gkicked. As time progresses we’ll look at the possibility of purging strikes over time.

Considering the scope of the changes.. the discussion was relatively low key. These look like good change to me.. and I look forward to the new influx of players.

[Edited to note: Since I wrote this we have completely re-orged again. Alot of this information is no longer true.]

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