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Pugging Kara

Monday and Wednesday are Kara nights. Our Wednesday night runs traditionally get canceled because 1-2 people can’t make it. Last night we decided to see if we could pug the open spots. Well pug and shift folks around. We are more comfortable pugging a DPS spot than a healer or tank spot. So Grimr changed out from playing Sibiy (BM hunter) to play Baldwyne his Paladin Tank. This left us with two open spots. We sent out the LFG and got a hunter or a rogue.

So we were: Amellea (Druid Tank), Baldwyne (Paladin Tank), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Ireena (Shadow Priest), Daegothh (Mage), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (MM Hunter), Warkilla (PUG Hunter), and Celthis (PUG Rogue).

As the night progressed it was obvious that we were lower on DPS than normal. Attuman took a really long time.. Moroes took two tries.. and then we ended up killing him after he enraged. Maiden took two or three tries.. and we ended the fight at nearly zero mana.

I guess the low DPS is to be expected.. we switched out Sibiy (one of our highest DPS hunters) and got back two puggers. Maybe I’m just pessimistic.. but I really don’t expect unguilded puggers to have great DPS. Warkilla was very low on the DPS charts. Celthis was a little bit higher. They seemed like nice folks. They followed our loot rules.. and promised not to ninja our raid Id. I’d be happy to group with them again.

Warkilla was a little bit green.. and very young. He made a couple of glaring mistakes (attacking Moroes at the beginning of the fight, drawing aggro and dying) but he apologized for any mistake and seemed genuine. Celthis was much quieter.. I really didn’t get a feeling for him. At the end of the run Warkilla asked if we were accepting guild applications. We discussed it briefly on venti.. and the outcome is a little bit muddy. My take is that if someone wants to sponsor them then we could accept their applications.. Amellea’s take was that he like the personal quality of the guild and he’s uncomfortable inviting people into the guild who don’t have a personal connection to those in the guild. We didn’t really come to a resolution.

We definitely need to get more tanks in the guild. Although Grimr played his Paladin tank I don’t get the feeling that he wants to do that long term. Gongniu has a rogue and a new warlock he’d like to play. Edith changed from playing Pheefee (Warrior Tank) to playing Zynnia (Holy Priest) so we could have enough healers. Amellea is our only dedicated “I play a tank becasue I want too”. We need more.

I could respec to tank except 1) that would leave us short a healer and 2) I like the healer role more than the tanking role.

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  • I feel the same way about having a PuG Tank or Healer in that raid enviroment.

    I don’t think i ever commented on the Rules you made for the guild or the idea you though of to add quality emphasis to the guild. I think they are all great ideas, maybe one or two things i believe when i read i didn’t quite understand but overall they were great idea in having a great guild, enviroment and a emphasis on QUALITY vs random quantity. Over time i hope your guild get enough quality players as i guess its one would ideally hope for vs just trying to get high numbers.

    I guess the PUG subs not having enough DPS goes back to the thing of some people just not having adequate gear or taking the time to get geared. And thus you just had a few PuG subs with just not enough DPS. How many people really take the time to get geared if you really think of it. I think not that many and thus its somewhat to get that in some PuGs looking for a Kara raid fill in. Almost everyone i see try in some way to head straight through the doors of Kara to get phat loot first vs trying to improve their gear or DPS in order to get Kara done right when its called upon them to fill a spot or raid. All those people are not just random LFG PUGs some of those people are in actual guilds some are, yet they are not geared adequately for starting Kara. So you run into some people like those as you did.

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