Kara finally coughs up the loot

Monday and Wednesday are West Kingdom Kara nights. Usually we start a 9PM. Last night Ireena said she’d have to leave at 10 so we’d have to find a replacement.. this also prompted us to start early. So we headed into Kara at 8. We were: Gongniu (Warrior tank), Amellea (Druid off-tank), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Tatia (Holy Paladin), Ireena (Shadow Priest), Daegothh (Mage), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Krullwyn (MM Hunter), Floki (Rogue) and Nukiko (Holy Damage Priest).

Because we knew we were going to be short on time we started on Moroes (figuring we could possibly 9-man Attuman/Maiden if necessary). It was by far the cleanest kill we’ve ever had on Moroes. Oh.. though I have to mention. I found an Addon.. MobNotes. It allows you to add notes to the tooltip of a mob.. so mousing over the Moroes adds shows you the information about who’s the holy priest/MS Warrior. I’ll definitely be adding more notes to it.

He dropped [item]Crimson Girdle of the Indomitable[/item] (Tatia) and [item]Edgewalker Longboots[/item] (Floki).

I took the Girdle.. it looks like it’s an upgrade for my tanking set. But it has no int. Kinda worried about that. Now that I look back over this post I think I owe the guild a Void crystal (oops).

After Moroes we smacked Maiden around. Lessons learned:
– Gift of the Naaru causes Maiden to immediately squish the unwise Draenei (me) who cast it.
– Battle res is nice.. but it means you spend the rest of the fight without mana.

We made it through the fight.. but it would have been much easier if I hadn’t died in the first two seconds.

She dropped [item]Bands of Indwelling[/item] (Nukiko) and [item]Gloves of Centering[/item] (Shard).

We then backtracked to get Attuman. He dropped [item]Handwraps of Flowing Thought[/item] (Ireena) and [item]Steelhawk Crossbow[/item] (Floki paid a shard).

It was just after 10 so Ireena had to go. In her place we got Seararra (Holy Pally), a new addition to the guild, and we ran off to the Opera. Daegothh stripped off his clothes to go find out what event we had.. As the announcements started we realized it was Romulo and Julianna again. We understand that fight so we all charged onto the stage and had Daegothh get his clothes back on.

The fight went fairly smothly. I think Fynriss is the only one who died.

They dropped [item]Masquerade Gown[/item] (Nukiko paid a shard) and [item]Earthsoul Leggings[/item] (Amellea).

We then moved onto Curator. On our first try we got him down to 7% but had too many flares around and they killed off the healers.. and then the tanks died.. and then we wiped. On the second attempt one and then the other tanks dropped so we declared it a wipe. Just as I was reaching for my DI, Seanarra DId me. We rez’d everyone.. Amellea was the last person rezd. He had died very far out in Curator’s path. Zynnia ran out, rez’d Amellea but told him that after he accepted he had to immediatly run forward. Unfortunately he wasn’t quick enough and pulled Curator. We declared it another wipe and I DId Zynnia. On the third try we finally got him down.

We really need to work on getting that last flare down. It seems that everyone gets so excided about getting Curator down below 15% that they just start DPSing him and not the last flare.. this allows it to run rampant and really sucks away the healer’s mana.

At the end of the fight I was -totally- out of mana. I didn’t even have enough mana to cast Rank 1 “free heals”. At 7% Amellea died. At 1% Gongniu died. “Just DPS the heck out of him” they all said into Venti. No mana.. can’t seal/judge.. so fine. I ran forward and hit Curator with my hammer… once. And he fell over dead.

“You crit Curator for 267.
Tatia has slain Curator.”

Yeah for us!

He dropped [item]Garona’s Signet Ring[/item] (Krullwyn? dunno I was a little distracted at the time) and [item]Gloves of the Fallen Champion[/item] (Tatia!! Yeah!!)

So finally I’ve gotten some loot out of Kara. More importantly.. we showed that we can down 5 bosses in one night. I’m really looking forward to the next Kara night. We’ve talked about having one on Sunday. Wheee!

Which bosses should we try next?

2 thoughts on “Kara finally coughs up the loot

  1. After Curator, head to Shade. The important thing on Shade, I have found, is the interupts. You want to keep his health below his mana. If you have problems with Shade finish the night pulling to chess for the “free” epics. After Shade we went to Illhoof, but you can just as easily head on up to Prince.

    Gratz on a 5 boss night.

  2. “I ran forward and hit Curator with my hammer… once. And he fell over dead”.

    Pure Classic!

    Don’t you wish you can do that to every boss. Would give a new meaning to being HOLY.

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