Impish by nature

Month: December 2007

Two more guild firsts

The name of the game is “Progression” and we have it. We setup a special raid on Sunday to push into more new content. We were Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Amellea (Druid Tank), Tatia (Paladin Healer), Zynnia (Priest Healer), Weaver (Priest Healer), Fynriss (BM Hunter), Sibiy […]

Melting Faces

Lilac is putting the smack down on Searing Gorge. She made big loops around the crater in the middle killing lookouts and steamsomethings trying to get a looking glass with a pitiful drop rate. She also had gotten her happy tanky-voidy back. With the new […]


So.. exploit of game mechanics or clever trick? You be the judge. Warrior has a macro that does /sit and then puts up spell reflect. /sit makes it so that all spells on the sitter crit. Spell reflect causes allone spell to bounce back on […]

List of Affliction Warlock pre-Kara DPS Gear

[This information is Deprecated. With the 3.0.2 patch the information below is no longer true. Please check more recent entries for more correct information.] Limitations: – Prefered Stats: +spell hit, +spell dmg, +shadow dmg, +stamina – Pre-Karazahn Aiming for 7k health, 7k mana, +1k shadow […]

Kara finally coughs up the loot

Monday and Wednesday are West Kingdom Kara nights. Usually we start a 9PM. Last night Ireena said she’d have to leave at 10 so we’d have to find a replacement.. this also prompted us to start early. So we headed into Kara at 8. We […]

Voidy Threat

So it turns out that at 48 I actually got a new version of Suffering (group growl) not Torment. This means when Lilac hit 50 last night there was a shiny new book available to teach Krakgorg a bigger better Torment. I didn’t get a […]

Three Guild Firsts

This was only the second time since we started going to Kara that we’ve actually made it back into Kara twice in one week. We were Gongniu (Warrior Tank), Amellea (Druid Tank), Tatia (Holy Pally), Zynnia (Holy Priest), Ireena (Shadow Priest), Daegothh (Mage), Fynriss (BM […]

Demonic Hussy, you’re the one…

My little warlock, Lilac, is getting up there. I almost hit 50 this weekend (would have too except that a migraine sent me to bed). Instead I got to 49.5. Tourguide has done me good. In the late 30’s it had me pickup [item]Nifty Stopwatch[/item]. […]


A couple of friends recently joined us playing WoW. V said “oh, the alliance are the good guys and the horde are the bad guys”. I contradicted.. I believe the horde vs. alliance is kind of like Repubican vs Democrat (I’m not going to say […]

Pugging Kara

Monday and Wednesday are Kara nights. Our Wednesday night runs traditionally get canceled because 1-2 people can’t make it. Last night we decided to see if we could pug the open spots. Well pug and shift folks around. We are more comfortable pugging a DPS […]