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Steady Shot + Kill Command

Fiancee asked for a macro yesterday. He noticed that Kill command doesn’t trigger the global cooldown so he wants it to try and do Kill Command whenever he hits Steady Shot. This would eliminate a button from his screen… and it would make sure that he triggered Kill Command whenever it was up.

Off the top of my head I came up with the following:

#show Steady Shot
#showtooltip Steady Shot
/cast Kill Command
/cast Steady Shot

It works.. but if (for some reason) you’re fighting something but your pet isn’t fighting something.. if you get a crit, it’ll trigger Kill command on your pet.. which will cause your pet to attack your target. Sometimes that’s not what you want.

I -think- the following will fix that problem (this is untested.. I’ll have fiancee test it tonight and update the post Fiancee tested it out. He says it works like a charm.).

#show Steady Shot
/cast [target=pettarget,exists,nodead] Kill Command
/cast Steady Shot

Line 1: Show the icon for Steady Shot. Kill Command has a cooldown.. but really I don’t care where it is in it’s cooldown so show The Steady Shot icon (added bonus, if you have Dr Damage it’ll show the damage for Steady Shot which is way more interesting than the Kill Command icon).
Line 2: When I mouse over the icon, show the tooltip for Steady Shot.
Line 3: If my pet has a target (exists) and it’s not dead (nodead), cast Kill Command.
Line 4: Cast Steady Shot.

This should -always- cast Steady Shot.. but should cast Kill Command whenever it’s available.

I really wish there was a way to check to see if Kill Command was on cooldown. As it is, about every other Steady Shot is going to result in a “Ability is not Ready” error message (or something like that). Fiancee says he’s ok with that.. he’ll just ignore the text warning.. and he’s already turned off the verbal warnings. Still it’d be cleaner if I could put that into the options.

This last macro is currently untested.. but it -should- work. MMV.

[Edited: Removed line 2 #Showtooltip Steady Shot. Prevailing knowledge says that #showtooltip is a subset of #show. So in theory, the first line will cause the right tooltip to show as well. I haven’t test this yet but it sounds reasonable so I amended the macros.]

8 thoughts on “Steady Shot + Kill Command

  1. I got this macro, I believe, from BRK’s older site:

    #showtooltip Steady Shot
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, Auto Shot
    /castrandom [target=pettarget,exists] Kill Command

    Lines 2 & 3 trigger your trinkets–Bladefist’s Breath, etc.
    The “reset=3” in line 4 resets the cast sequence if you get interrupted for some reason. And, when Kill Command procs, line 5 will trigger it. The /startattack in line 6 I added because for some reason my attacks would stop occasionally. I don’t recall exactly what was happening, but I continue Auto Shooting now with that line added.

  2. Um. Wow. I’m not a macro expert.. but there seems to be some problems with that macro.. though…

    Ok.. so the first time you smack it, you fire steady shot.. If you smack it again you “trigger” Auto Shot. The problem is that Auto Shot is now a toggle.. so if it’s on then hitting the button again will turn it off.. if it’s off then it’ll turn on.. so it looks like you’re turning it off and on again and again. I think you could get around this by updating that line to this:

    /castsequence reset=3 Steady Shot, !Auto Shot

    I think the “!” says don’t toggle it if it’s already on (I remember seeing this on a druid forum where they cast Bear form).

    But I wonder why you’d need to. Steady Shot automatically turns on Auto Shot.. so why do you need to mess with it at all?

    Now the castrandom part is interesting.. it’s -possible- that using castrandom instead of cast for a single command will suppress the error message.. but if that’s not the case, I don’t see why you’d use castrandom for a single choice… instead of cast.

    If you weren’t toggling auto shot on and off then you wouldn’t need to add the startattacking on the end 🙂

    Now.. if this were originally a “shot it to pull it, but if I hit the button twice, turn autoshot off so I don’t hit my ice trap” then BRK’s version is golden (without the extra /startattack on the end). Hit it once to start fighting something.. hit it twice to pull something and then turn auto shot off.

    That said.. I like my method better. I lay down my trap. I set my trap target to be my focus. I set my target to be the main kill target. Tank pulls, I hit “Pet attack button” which sends pet on the main target and puts hunter’s mark on it. Then I hit CTRL-4 which is “Distracting shot on focus once, then turn auto-shot off”. Pet runs towards kill target, trap target runs to me. Trap target pops trap. I hit 4 which is “Arcane shot on target and turns on auto shot”. I run across room and set next trap while dpsing main target.

  3. Wulfie’s EZ Moad damagespam macro:

    /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide()
    /castsequence reset=1.96 Auto Shot, Steady Shot
    /castrandom [target=pettarget, exists] Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Show()

    Replace the “1.96” with your tooltip weapon speed after all permanent speed buffs have been applied (ie quiver, serpents swiftness, any haste items).

    Spam one button for a perfect auto-steady rotation with KC thrown in whenever required. However this suffers from being a) boring and b) wearing on your spamming finger.

  4. Hmmm.. “how to play a hunter for rogues” 😉

    Fiancee’s other 70 is a rogue. I can tell without looking which toon he’s playing by the sound of the keyboard. Rogue is taptaptaptaptap as he spams keys.

    Although that macro looks interesting.. I agree that it seems to suck the “hunter-ness” out of the hunter.

  5. Actually, I realized my macro is NOT quite working right over the weekend (finally spent a good deal of time playing the hunter, for a change). Not really sure what the issue is, either. I agree with most of your points, btw.

    One thing I found through playing this weekend, though, is that with my Cooldown Timers addon, I get a big popup when KC is available, and I can hit that button a lot faster than using the macro. In fact, I’m finding that my general shot rotation is more suited to NOT using a macro: I think because I’m getting better at knowing when I can use various shots to max my DPS.

    Still, I wish I could find the origin of my macro; I know I didn’t come up with it on my own! 🙂

  6. I wrote:
    I think the “!� says don’t toggle it if it’s already on (I remember seeing this on a druid forum where they cast Bear form).

    I finally found the reference to this option:

    From patch notes for 2.3.2 (which yes, means at the time I posted this it wasn’t live.. but it’s live now):

    # /cast will toggle spells again unless the name is prefixed with an exclamation mark, e.g. /castsequence Steady Shot, !Auto Shot

    Though seriously.. I don’t know why you’d have a sequence like the one listed in the example. If I hit the button once, do Steady Shot (which turns on autoshot). If I hit the button twice, turn on auto shot (if it’s not already on)(which it should be)(so this is a freaking useless option)(bah fooey).

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